Addison Holley

Addison Holley (b. 2000) is a voice actress on Grojband, she voices Allie

Acting RolesEdit


Outside of GrojbandEdit

  • Dana McNab (Baxter)
  • Jenny Donkers (Really Me)
  • Lili (My Big, Big Friend)
  • Young Rosie (Rosie Takes the Train)
  • Anastasia (My Babysitter's a Vampire)
  • Miss Elaina (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood)
  • Hazel (Little Charmers)
  • Ella (Ella the Elephant)
  • Anne (Annedroids)


  • Addison Holley has previously worked with FreshTV on Really Me (as the live action role of Jenny Donkers) and My Babysitter's a Vampire (as Anastasia, once again a live action role).

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