This is the transcript for the episode Ahead of our own Tone.

Episode begins with Kon, Corey and Laney playing on the stage. Kin slides over to them.
Kin Hey guys, what comes to mind when I say the word "picking?"
Kon Butt.
Corey Nose.
Laney I'm going with nose.
Kin Feast your eyes on the ultimate picking...
Kon, Corey and Laney all react differently.
Kin In junk sale finds!
Kon, Laney and Corey [relieved] Phew.
Kin Check this!
Kin holds up an album.
Kon No way! An ultra rare album from Europe's proto-electronical band, D-Keizer Zap? But only two hundred were ever made!
Kin And only one was ever sold- this one!
Kon What are you waiting for, bro? Drop that beat!
Kin Yeeah!
Kin plays the record and Kin and Kon start dancing to the music.
Kin D-Keizer Zap was the cutting edge of the electronic music revolution!
Kon Until their computer blew itself up!
Laney [sarcastically] Smart computer.
Kon Those hombres were musical geniuses.
Kin Way ahead of their time.
Corey Hmm, guys, we should totally be ahead of our time too!
Laney By creating a new and innovative sound?
Corey Pfft. That's way too hard. We'll just go one year into the future to see what music's like. Then come back to unleash the trend before anyone else! Wicked simple.
Music is stopped.
Kin Uh, Corey? You remember what happened last time we used my time machine?
Flashback of when they used the time machine starts. Time machine comes back and Kin steps out of it.
Kin 1,000,000 B.C. and back again without messing up the future one single bit! Who's in for victory lemonade?
Kin holds up a lemon plant with lemons.
Kon Why Kin, I've never heard of lem-on-ade.
Kin gasps.
Kin [dramatically] NOOOOOOOOOO!
Flashback ends and scene cuts to Corey.
Corey You and that kooky "lem-on-ade." If I didn't think it would work, would I be willing to risk our lives on it?
Kin and Kon gasp. Kin runs over to the machine.
Kin [to time machine] Hello old friend, are you ready for another mistake?

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