Baroning wasteland

The Apocalypse is an event that occurred in the episodes "Hear Us Rock Part 1" and "Hear Us Rock Part 2." It was where the end of the world was rumored to happen due to a Rock Lore about an apocalypse prediction made by the Ancient Sombans.


A of the world ending wildly became known all over the world and it caused everybody to freak out and cause chaos as well as a war that broke out between Mayor Mellow and Mullet Barney. Grojband stopped the chaos by playing the song If The World Is Ending and making everybody savor their last day on earth. However, this all changed again when they saw an apocalyptic meteor hurdling toward the earth. It was revealed that G'ORB was the one that hurdled that meteor to the earth. G'ORB did this to get revenge on Grojband for beating them in the battle of the bands from the episode Space Jammin'. Grojband challenged his band to a rematch on the face if the meteor to determine who was the better band. In the rematch, G'ORB teamed up with Trina to betray Grojband by ditching their instruments back on earth. However, T'ORB and Mina brought their instruments back to the meteor with them and they stood up to G'ORB and Trina and got back at them for the way they treated them. Grojband used their instruments to play the song I'm Giving It All which destroyed the meteor and saved earth. This is how the apocalypse ended.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • The Apocalypse is very likely inspired by the 2012 phenomenon of Mayan legend, which foretold the end of the world.

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