The Bathroom
The Bathroom is a room in The Riffin House. The bathroom is where Corey and Trina take showers.


The bathroom first appeared in the episode "Monster of Rock" where Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney were in there, planning on a way to get rid of El Chewpoocaca. The decided to lure him into a trap using bait. Kon sat on the toilet and asked what they would use as bait and just then, El Chewpoocaca's arms came from the toilet and grabbed him, dragging him down inside of it while Corey flushed him down. It was briefly seen again in the episode "Pop Goes the Bubble" in a cutaway of Kin and Kon in Corey's bathroom. they were both flushing cheese down the toilet and having a race to see who's would go down first. It appeared again in the episode "Bee Bop A Loofah," where Corey's band all got inside of the shower to play music in there. This angered Trina because she wanted to take a shower in there. Corey revealed to her that she had been using the same shower as her for his entire life and a flashback cutaway showed up with himself and Trina as little kids using the bathtub. Trina was seen in the shower at the end of the episode, begging for the water to come out. Then, Corey dumped his sweat on her which made her go into Diary Mode.


The bathroom has light blue walls with a lime green tile padding covering some of it. The floor of the bathroom is a black and white checkered floor with a small round pink rug on it. The bathroom has a yellow bathtub with a purple shower curtain on it and a white and pink toilet with a roll of toilet paper next to it. There is a picture frame on the wall with no picture in it.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Monster of Rock: Grojband went into the bathroom to discuss Corey's plan. Kon was kidnapped by El Chewpoocaca and flushed down the toilet by Corey.
  • Pop Goes the Bubble: Kin and Kon were flushing cheese down the toilet, having a race to see who's cheese would go down first.
  • Bee Bop A Loofah: Grojband used the shower as a new place to practice music because of the acoustics. Later, Trina was seen begging the Shower Gods for water. Corey rang out his sweatband on her head.

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