Vital statistics
Full Name Beatrice
Aliases None
Age 80's or 90's
Gender Female
Hair Color Gray
Race Caucasian
Eye Color Unknown (most likely black)
Friends Blanche and Bertha
Enemies Grojband and Trina Riffin
Relatives Unknown
Faction Retired
Location Peaceville
First Appearance Rockersize
Latest Appearance Bee Bop A Loofah (Cameo)
Voice Actor Unknown
Beatrice is an old lady that appeared in the episode Rockersize. She is an old lady who goes to the Gym Barn for exercise and was soon turned into a giant, mutant monstrous superhuman who ran rampant around Peaceville. She would later be cameoed in a few subsequent episodes.


Beatrice is a wrinkly old lady with a tall, curly, gray perm and spectacles. She has a blue jacket and a white shirt. She wears orange plaid pants.


Beatrice is a cranky old lady who does not hesitate whenever she expresses her anger or slight toward anything. She seems to be annoyed by pretty much everything, especially when it comes to other people and members of modern day society being rebellious and atrocious, compared to how society was when she was younger. She expresses this anger by yelling and making mean comments about everything. When she was turned into a Gorillandma, she expressed it, by attacking everything she hated and forcing everyone to obey her commands.

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