Buzz Newsworthy
Buzz Newsworthy
Vital statistics
Full Name Buzz Newsworthy
Aliases None
Age 30
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Race Hispanic or Caucasian
Eye Color Black
Friends Chance Happening
Enemies None
Love Interest Chance Happening (possibly)
Relatives Unknown
Faction News Anchorman
Location Peaceville
First Appearance All You Need is Cake
Latest Appearance Hear Us Rock Part 1
Voice Actor Dwayne Hill

Buzz Newsworthy is the anchor for the Peaceville news. He tells the news of what happens in Peaceville along with his co-anchor Chance Happening. He is voiced by Dwayne Hill.


His first appearance was in the episode, "All You Need is Cake" where he and Chance Happening were talking about the wedding that had the worlds largest cake in it. He appeared again in the episode "Monster of Rock" where he and Chance happening were on the news talking about the sewer monster, El Chewpoocaca and how Corey had a crazy plan that just might work. He appeared again in the episode "Zoohouse Rock" where he was talking about an outbreak in the zoo at the end of the episode. Then he appeared again in the episode "A Knight to Remember" where he and Chance Happening were talking about the comet that crazed everything up. He appeared again, having a major role in the episode "Line of Credit" where he was telling on the news about Grojband going straight and was following them around spreading gossip and rumors about them on the news which forced them to have to do nutty things to protect their reputation.


Buzz Newsworthy is a very manly man with a sculpted face with black hair and a mustache. He wears a reddish pinkish suit and a yellow tie.


Buzz Newsworthy is a very handsome man on the news channel who's great at doing his job and looking good at it too. He's very happy and enthusiastic and will do his job no matter what happens. There are a lot of strange problems that happen during his time on the show and he'll sometimes get tied in with some of Corey's crazy plans, but no matter what, he happily tolerates it and continues to do the news with no struggle at all. The one problem that does bother him though, is issues with his own co-worker Chance. The two of them will occasionally get into arguments and it will make him unhappy when working on the show. He can be very silly and make a lot of jokes on the show to make it more interesting.

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