Cheese Doodle
Cheese Doodles are a snack food. One of them was seen in the episode "Inn Err Face" where Kon was lying down in Trina's stomach acid and eating one of them.


Kon eating a cheese doodle
Cheese Doodles made their first appearance in the episode "Inn Err Face." In this episode, Kon has been shrunk down really small and was laying back in Trina's stomach bile eating. One of which was a cheese doodle. Because Kon was so small, Kon was able to hold in his his hand and bite into it. When Kin came down, Kon offered him a soggy cheese doodle but Kin slapped his face to make him realize what was going on, causing him to drop his cheese doodle.


Cheese Doodles appear to be what looks like to be either a cheesy chip or a cheese puff. It's a little yellow cheesy bite sized snack food with some darker yellow spots on it. It is unknown what their true size is because their only appearance was when Kon was eating one while he was really tiny. It can be implied however, that they are bite sized.


  • Cheese Doodles are possibly a parody on Cheese Puffs.
  • These is an actual real life snack food called "Cheez Doodles" which is possibly what this is of homage to.

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