Bubble Pox Party!!!

The Chicken Pox Party is a party that was hosted by Corey Riffin in the episode "Pox N Roll."


The Chicken Pox Party took place in the Garage and everyone from school came to Corey's party because he convinces them that the pox rocks. Mayor Mellow had to contain The Riffin House in a giant plastic bubble so that the rest of Peaceville would'nt get infected. When Trina found out about this, she ruined Corey's party by putting anti-scratch mittens on everybody which made them unable to scratch themselves, making the party lame. Corey had invited Party Danimal over to the party so he knew that he had to make it better. He thought of a plan to make Trina kiss Nick Mallory in a game of spin the bottle so that she would go into Love Diary Mode and give them lyrics for a song to make the party awesome. Corey got Trina and Nick to play spin the bottle. Trina and Nickl were about to kiss until Nicks frind made Nick look at him, making Trina kiss Nick on the ear instead of the lips and giving her the Nicken pox. She thought that she kissed him on the lips because her eyes were closed and she went into Love Diary Mode. Corey got Trina's Diary and put her entry into lyrics for the song Chicken Pox Rocks which gave his party the rating of 10 awesomes plus. However, after the party was over, everyone was forced to stay for 8 more days until they were cured of their disease.



Invited GuestsEdit

Party RuinersEdit

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