Corey Carrie

Corey Carrie is a fusion between Corey Riffin and Carrie Beff. They got fused together in the episode "Kon-Fusion."


Corey Carrie is Corey and Carrie fused together back to back. The front side of Corey is growing off of the back of Carrie. Their clothes and the puff balls on their hats have become one. They share the same arms and the same legs. One arm is longer than the other, probably due to Corey's arm being bigger than Carrie's.


Corey and Carrie did not seem to get along with each other as well as the other Grojman fusions did when they were fused together. They did a lot of insulting each other and trying to feel more superior than the other. Corey was annoying to Carrie because he spent a lot of time being random and doing stupid and ridiculous things which was taking time away from them writing lyrics. When they sang together, they seemed to have finally gotten along. At the end of the day however, they went right back to being enemies again and they got their bodies defused.


  • Corey: We're DJ Fusion's sickest mash up ever. Two bands literally mashed up into one.
  • Carrie: And if our organs don't fail, we want to play at Fuse This tonight.
  • Corey: Never mind that. We've got the gig!
  • Carrie: Okay, time to write some lyrics. Text you guys when I'm done.
  • Corey: Um ... yeah, I'll text you guys ... when I'm done ... um ... writing lyrics.
  • Carrie: Oh yeah? Where do you get your inspiration from?
  • Corey: Books ... mostly. Books are cool.
  • Carrie: Uh huh ... Well, I'm going to start writing lyrics. You can have the hands when I'm done.
  • Carrie: What was that?
  • Corey: I just found those lyrics I was looking for the whole time. Let's rock Grojmans!


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