Idea Corey Yay



  • "I've got a crazy plan that just might work."
  • "It's Diary Time!"
  • "We have lift-off."
  • "Thanks for coming out everyone!"

Smash Up TerbyEdit

  • "Something, something... Bummer!"
  • "What? No good?"
  • "Swearzies? Cuz you know I'm k sensitive"
  • "So u guys liked it then?"
  • "Aw man, why do I stink at writing lyrics?"
  • "No worries. I'm just a few lyric-shy from the perfect trap. The only missing is.. words! So don't worry your pretty little rock and roll faces. Nothing's gonna stand in our way"
  • "Trina's always got something juicy in her diary just right for the plugging. It's gonna be easy peasy lemon-squeezie"
  • "Kon you distract Trina while I grab lyrics from her diary"
  • "Used it, trying to forget it, diarrhea in class, hmmmm ... We've used everything in here."
  • "Ok guys, Operation make Trina look dumb in front of hunky Nick Mallory so we can steal her diary and turn them into wicked lyrics for a new song so we can rock out in front of everyone is now in (catches breath) play!"
  • "Hey! That's a lot of Do Re for Me!"

Cloudy With A Chance Of Malt BallsEdit

  • "Meet and greet time, single file please."
  • "Who likes watching movies? ... Nobody! They're too long, they're boring, but what part of a movie does everybody love? ... The trailers! The best parts of a movie jammed into a minute, but nobody's ever heard of, the movie trailer band! We'll show Cherry how awesome we are and she'll hire us to play in all her trailers."
  • "Dudes! We have to find Cherry Graperstain at that premire tonight! The future of the band depends on it."
  • "Welcome to Belchees, may I ROCK YOUR ORDER!?"
  • "We're gunna sneak into that Drive-in and HIT Cherry with a new song in front of the BIG SCREEN!"
  • "That's a bit weird guy."

Dance of the DeadEdit

  • "Fellow Grojbandians! What's the one thing that will make tonight's Halloween gig the awesomest of all Halloween gigs?"
  • "I know Lanes and I'm sorry I've neglected you all this time, ... I should have said I liked your costume. My bad man. It's sick."

Pox N RollEdit

  • "We need to show everyone that the pox rocks."
  • "So we're poxed. Are we not human? Do we not bleed when we scratch? The pox aren't the worst and it's time everyone knows it!"
  • "Don't harsh the party "mellow" Why are you always trying to burst our bubble?"

Indie Road RagerEdit

  • "We're gonna do the killing!"
  • "Yep those are back-nipples"
  • "Yeah let's say that!"
  • "We need some getaway music!"
  • "I can't solo forever!"

Space Jammin'Edit

  • "Who's ready to mow away their pain?!"
  • "Step one: Mow the corn. Step two: Rock out n' become the biggest band ever!"
  • "Come on Lanes, it's mowing down all the corn for us. What mower do you want?"
  • "Laney, PANIC WITH ME!"
  • "They have the cereal. But they don't have the milk"
  • "I guess so... Now we won't need Trina's diar- *belches* Never mind. It was just indigestion."

Wish Upon a JugEdit

  • "Hey! We need those jugs!"
  • "I wish we could play music again"
  • "I was so wrong to mess up your date sis. So I thought I'd make things right. What else are brothers for?"
  • "I'm NOT her brother!"

All You Need is CakeEdit

  • "I'm madly in love with cake!"
  • "For fakesies to eat cakesies."
  • "And picnics are more lovely than all you can eat cheese fries because?"


  • "My cracky voice-singing and the most un-autoton-able band in the world!"
  • "Yodel Break!"

Monster of RockEdit

  • "May the flush be with you."

Zoohouse RockEdit

  • "Shhhh ... Shhhh...Why so negative, fella? Does someone need a bear hug?"
  • "Future Corey will worry about lyrics. Today Corey is dressed like a bear!"

Queen BeeEdit

  • "I gotta admit ... You make a pretty cute girl ... Bro!"
  • "That's okay, you stood up to the band. Classic Lanes."

Dreamreaver Part 1Edit

  • "Cliffhanger indeed."

Dreamreaver Part 2Edit

  • "Butt rainbows!"

Super ZeroesEdit

  • "And I'm Front Man, fearless leader of the Justice Band! ... I boss these guys around."

A Knight to RememberEdit

  • "Guys, how's this for crazy?"
  • "Great, a fake sword. Perfect for bouncing off his real armor."

Ahead of our own ToneEdit

  • "You and your "lemonade.""

Love in a NethervatorEdit

  • "I was stuck in an elevator and I had to listen to forty-one and a half minutes OF ELEVATOR MUSIC!"
  • "Hmm I thought I'd have to fight you on that. Whatever. We came to make it rock! So you can forget about makin anymore elevator music"

Six Strings of EvilEdit

  • "Okay, that was fine, but only because I hate The Newmans."
  • "Did you say something? All other instruments must what? Tie? Oh die. Wait how can I understand you?
  • Shhh. You had me at Corey. You're the greatest

Rock the HouseEdit

  • "Sorry to rattle you girls, but Extreme Curling is our world."

Who Are YouEdit

  • "Meh."
  • "Most accidents happen while walking. It's a long walk to the gig so I'll mail you there! With damage insurance I just care so much about you guys! And my sister! She just wants to be liked."

Pop Goes the BubbleEdit

  • "Ladies first."
  • "Shhhh...One problem at a time, Lanes."

For Hat and CountryEdit

  • "Hey sis. We are own country now and we're all trapped inside this wall. Oh, and I'm your president. So a little respect please!"

It's in the CardEdit

  • "Hey! Janey said the same thing!"

Group HugEdit

  • "I guess we have the coolest fans ever."
  • "I will not eat your Captivity Waffles! ... Wait, do they have blueberries in them? ... Fine, I will eat your Captivity Waffles! ... But only because my friends will come and save me!"
  • "This is my groupie song. I'm chained to a wall and it's wrong. I am so scarred, so terribly scarred. I hope that I'm not here for... too much more time."

Curse of the MetrognomeEdit

  • "Wow ...  I mean, whoa! S-sorry Laney."

Dueling ButtonsEdit

  • "I've been breathing my whole life! And it's got me nothing!"


  • "Showtime."
  • "Swearzies? Cause you know I'm case sensitive."
  • "So you guys liked it then?"
  • "One diary update coming up!"
  • "Get ready, guys!"
  • "It's diary time for sure!"
  • "Shhhh ... Laney, now isn't the time for very good questions."
  • "Looks like Nick's found a new leading lady and it's not you!"
  • "Um, thank you? You're beautiful!"
  • "Shhh ... Now's not the time for really good questions."
  • "By the power of rock, Grojband unite!"
  • "Lemme solo for a second."
  • "Are you nerds ready to rock!?"
  • "Hey, I should write this stuff down."
  • "Hey, sis."
  • "I'm Corey Riffin, and I approve this message."
  • "The world is ending today? Are you kidding"
  • "So what's in your heart Lanes?"
  • "The pleasure was mine Lanes."
  • "Hey I should start writing this down!"
  • "Hey...This is fun! No wonder Kin and Kon do this all the time!"
  • "Shhhh...You had me at Corey, you're the greatest."
  • "I'm sure it's just a passing phase."
  • "Creepiest. Reveal. Ever."
  • "Quick, while Laney's mouth is too full to harsh on this plan!"
  • "Barney, you need to play a different kind of music."
  • "Correction: we made music happen."
  • "From the moment I heard this a moment ago, I knew this moment would come. So what's in your heart Lanes?"
  • "The Newmans! Our gender opposites and head-to-head rival band!"
  • "Okay, I know that what I did got a whole bunch of giant, muscular grandmas running around the town, ruining stuff."
  • "Then why is it already happening?"
  • "So accurate."
  • "This is our dream come true."
  • "OH, sausage where's the mustard?"
  • "Right I'll update your contact info"
  • All we need is the power inside us! We're gonna strip things down to the bare-y centers!
  • "Trina... you're the coolest. UGH that almost made me puke!"
  • "Just ringing out the old sweatband. Didn't see you there! Guess you need a shower now huh?"
  • "Shower-music! No one makes shower-music!
  • "Thank you sir"
  • "I know bro. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. It's time for plan W"
  • "I'm afraid so. Mi amigo"
  • "Feelin great Lanes!"