Corey has no idea why the hell Laney is looking at him lovingly
This article focuses on the relationship between Corey Riffin and Laney Penn.


In addition to being bandmates, Corey and Laney are also childhood best friends. However unknown to Corey, Laney has a secret crush on him. Laney will frequently gush at Corey at the many things he does like touching her or giving her compliments, but Corey will always remain oblivious to her love. For the most, Corey treats her like he does with any of the other boys and appears to be unaware of Laney's gender. However over time, Corey seems to have become aware that Laney is a girl, but their relationship has yet to take off, though it appears that Corey may have gained feelings for Laney in Curse of the Metrognome, where the two kiss for the first time and Corey appears to have enjoyed it. But despite this, Corey eventually seems to forget about the kiss after brushing Laney off when she goes to kiss him again, leaving their relationship and Corey's feelings unknown.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

Smash Up TerbyEdit

Corey and Laney fist bump
Laney told Corey that she didn't like his song but tried hard not to hurt his feelings, knowing how he can be sensitive about that sort of thing. After Corey felt bad and complained about how bad he was at writing lyrics, Laney told him not to let the pressure get to him. However, she then screamed out that the pressure was on and they they don't have too much time before they have to go up on stage. Corey told everyone not to worry as he gave Laney a nose boop. When they were in the car, Laney started to lose patience and told Corey that they need lyrics as soon as possible. Corey then got an idea and he gave Laney a fist bump. Near the end of their time, Laney started to lose hope but Corey got an idea from her to sign up Trina in the smash up derby, which turned out being a success. After the performance, while Laney was proud and relieved that they made it just in time, she told Corey that eventually, they're going to need to stop cutting it so close and find out a way to get lyrics that weren't from his sister. He explained to her through a moral, that someday that will happen, but it'll be a while before they can do so. Laney then told him that he could have used that profound moral as lyrics for their song. Corey responded to her saying that maybe somesay, he'll figure out how to write lyrics all on his own and signed off the episode. This also appears to be a running gag throughout the series.

Cloudy with a Chance of Malt BallsEdit

Cloudy Love

At the start of the episode, Corey presses his face against Laney's, to which she responds by saying "Hi Core". Corey then tells her he's "getting in [her] face." When Corey pulls away from Laney, she is left lovestruck with hearts floating above her head. Later in the episode, Laney gives a motivational sentence, Corey happily says "You said it fella" as he gave Laney a head noogie and runs away. After this, Laney was left dazed and lovestruck. Her hair was all messed up and she had hearts floating over her head as she made a pleasured face. Before Corey told his moral, Laney offers to let Corey get in her face again, however Corey is creeped out by this and calls it weird, which drops Laney's spirits.

Dance of the DeadEdit

Dance Love

Corey puts his arm around Laney and said "I know Laney, and I'm sorry for neglecting you after all this time." which made Laney's Heart pump extremely fast and say: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" After this Corey said "I should have said that I dig your costume. My bad. It's sick." However Laney's heart gets fed up and climbs out through Laney's tongue, saying "That's it, I'm outta here", before jumping off and splatting onto the ground.

Pox N RollEdit

Corey sings while Laney beatboxes
Corey made himself and Laney on the same team to stick together in the house and entertain the students to make the party more fun. Laney went along with his plans, but had her doubts. The first thing they did was play a game of hot potato. He passed the potato to Laney but because of her oven mitts, she didn't feel a thing. After Corey realized this mistake, he suggested a game of charades instead. After seeing how Corey's game of charades was not pleasing Party Danimal, Laney smacked her forehead in grief which resulted in her getting electrocuted. During the song, Corey stood next to Laney while he sang "This lean mean rap machine." After Mayor Mellow told them that they'd still be trapped in the bubble for eight more days, Laney supported him and asked how he'd be able to make the rest of their time any fun but Corey responded telling her that "The only cure for party fever is a wet blanket." and signed off the episode.

No Strings AttachedEdit

Corey tells at a dude
Corey and Laney stay next to each other at the concert for The Bubble Bunch Band. When Corey told Laney about his plan to make Grojband the new puppet band, Laney told him that she didn't want to help him with his performance and that the only reason that she was going to comply was that she couldn't stand to watch him fail and that hopefully one day, she'll grow out of that. Laney noticed that her puppet looked like a man, but Corey couldn't tell the difference, making her angry and have a wave of fire flow across her in rage. When the band realised that they forgot lyrics when their puppets went up on stage, everyone got into an argument. As of Corey and Laney's roles with each other in the argument, Corey was supposedly seen trying to keep everyone feeling positive to which Laney responded with shaking her fist in rage and yelling at him. Only their puppets were seen while this happened so it is unknown what they were saying to each other.

Indie Road RagerEdit


When Trina makes fun of Corey for being up against a cute girl, Corey says they had everything Trina had minus the cute girl. He leans on Laney's head while saying so, making her fume. Later, while Corey explained his plan to Laney, he put his arm around her and Laney looked at his arm nervously.

Math of KonEdit

The biggest of ups Lanes
Corey announced to the band that he had booked a gig at the Elementary High's Trimathalon to which Laney wasn't satisfied to hear when she described it as "Nerdsville." Laney told Corey that even if Kon shows up for the Trimathalon, they still won't have lyrics. After Corey told his moral, Laney said "Big ups for math Core." and they shared a high-five as Corey said "The biggest of ups Lanes." and then signed off the episode.

Space Jammin'Edit

That's a coin in the pun jar
Kin, Kon, and Laney were discussing Corey, wondering how he was coping with The Newmans playing at Sludgefest. Kin and Kon were worried that he might have gone insane and Kin plans to treat his problems by whacking him on the head with a mallet. because of this and Laney, believes that Corey will be perfectly fine with it. Just then, Corey rides straight into the garage on a high speed lawnmower, screaming at the top of his lungs. After seeing this, Laney instantly changes her mind and tells Kin to whack Corey on the head twice. When Corey makes a pun about the mower,
Panic with Corey
by saying "what mower could they want", Laney teasingly says that would be "a quarter for the pun jar". When Corey discovers that The Orb Experience had obtained Trina's Diary, he grabs onto Laney and starts shaking her while telling her to "panic with me". After Corey gives his moral, Laney excitedly exclaims how they would make great lyrics, and that Corey had them in him the whole time. Corey agrees and states they don't need Trina anymore, shortly before belching in Laney's face and he passes it off as gas, much to her annoyance.

Wish Upon a JugEdit

The whole fight is going nowhere

When Corey has a wish war against Trina, Laney goes up to Corey and tries convincing him that revenge would accomplish nothing. When she explains this to him, romantic music played. She, along with Kin and Kon, successfully convince Corey to end the wish war.

All You Need is CakeEdit

Corey is in love with me!!!
Corey was going to lie to Cake Barney about being in love in order for him to play at his wedding. When he got stuck trying to tell him who he was in love with, Laney saw this as a perfect opportunity and told Barney that he was in love with her. Corey was very shocked to hear her say this but then when he saw Kin and Kon motioning to him that if he plays along with this, he'll get to play at the wedding and eat cake, he quickly acted very excited about being in love with Laney and they both pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Barney told them that they have to prove that they're in love by going on a date and so they both went on a date and did a bunch of fun things together to show Barney that they knew what love felt like. The first thing that Corey and Laney did was go on a picnic together. Laney had a bunch of hearts over her head
Corey and Laney drinking a chocolate milkshake
and she was fluttering her eyes at him but Corey seemed to feel pretty neutral about the whole thing. Kin and Kon interrupted this and Kin squirted Laney in the eye with a bottle of water which made her angry at them and she yelled in their faces. Corey and Laney continued their date at the smoothie shop. They ordered a chocolate smoothie and they drank from the same smoothie together. Laney was really happy about it but Corey was unhappy that they got chocolate as a flavor when he wanted banana. Kin and Kon ruined it for them but barging in and blowing bubbles in their smoothie, making it explode all over them. This made Laney angry, but it made Corey laugh. Corey and Laney then went on a walk on the beach. Laney was really in love with Corey when she did this. She was blushing and giggling when she looked at him and her eyes were fluttery and shimmering. She also had hearts above her head. Corey made a funny face at Laney and laughed. Laney didn't seem too happy with it. Then, Corey and Laney got into the ocean and started splashing each other with water
All Love
and they both enjoyed it. Kin and Kon came in wearing shark fins on their heads and they scared them and ruined their date again. Laney got all wet and she was really mad at them so she buried them in the sand with a bunch of crabs and she walked off, continuing her date with Corey. Corey and Laney went into the tunnel of love together. Laney said that doing nothing at all was wonderful because of the fact that they were in love when they were doing it. Corey said that it felt kind of boring but Laney shushed him and said that it was wonderful. Kin and Kon ruined the date once again by ramming into their swan with theirs when playing a game of "bumper swans." Corey seemed to enjoy them doing this and he wanted to play the game with them. He also tried to motivate Laney to agree with it by saying that they'll be doing it "together." Laney made Corey tell Kin and Kon to leave them alone. Corey sadly told
Corey and Laney splashing each other with water
them to leave them alone and she hugged him, smiling. After their date, Corey and Laney came back to the garage laughing with each other. After Kin and Kon left the band, Corey and Laney talked about it together. When they were saying what got in the way of their friendship, Laney said "True love" as she made a loving face with shimmering eyes and hearts above her head but at the same time, Corey said "fake love." Laney was about to admit her true feelings to Corey and her heart showed up saying "Just tell him" but then Corey started to cry and Laney knew that this would be a very bad time to tell Corey that she loves him. So instead she said that she wanted the gig. Corey and Laney went to the wedding all dressed up and successfully made Barney puke from love by telling him all of the things they did on their date together which got his approval for them to go up on stage and sing a duet together. When Corey and Laney high fived each other, some
But I've had enough
hearts showed up between their hands. When they were on stage, Corey and Laney sang a love song duet together. However, this song was dedicated to Kin and Kon instead of each other. The duet however, looked and sounded very much like they were singing to each other. This duet was so lovely, it made Kin and Kon cry and they forgave them for what they did and the band got back together again.


Whoa! Slow down there tiger!
Corey was freaking out over having a new gig booked at the Choco-Watch Expo, but he was so wound up that his voice was cracking so Laney put his hands on his shoulders telling him to slow down and called him "Tiger." Shortly after then, Corey returned the favor by putting his arms on her shoulders and shaking her around when he was freaking out over his voice cracking.

Monster of RockEdit

Stopping suddenly
Kin criticized Corey's performance, saying that the term "Thank you Peaceville!" was pretty standard. Laney was put off by this and quickly though up a compliment off the top of her head. "Uh, but polite. It's nice to thank people." Obviously, she was trying hard to think of a compliment and it came out in a very small way, desperate sounding. Other than this, there was no evidence of a crush.

One Plant BandEdit


While Corey was being hypnotized, he yelled at Laney for always being right and then walked back to the garage, where new age music, a style Corey had always hated, was playing, occompanied by Corey's rhythmic snapping. This made Laney's heart come out of her chest and break into pieces and for her to feel heartbroken and depressed. She started to tear up because she thought Corey hated her. However, Corey was hypnotized by Planty when this happened so this wasn't really what Corey's thoughts on her were. Laney was later seen still crying over Corey and tears were flowing out of her eyes like geysers and she was screaming in misery but then Kin shook her, telling her that it was actually Planty that made him say those things to her and she stopped crying, felt happy, and fell back in love with Corey again, restoring their love, but not before punching Kin for calling her "Man."

Creepaway CampEdit

Creepaway Love

After Corey gave out his final thought, Laney comments on how scary it was and and asks him why he didn't just use those as lyrics in the first place. Corey says in response, "Who knows fella? Who ever knows?" while he teasingly bops Laney on the nose three times. Laney is excited by this and she puts her hands up to her mouth and her eyes to glimmer and few hearts to float over her head as she excitedly looks at him, smiling. Corey looked at her smiling too while she did this. Unlike Laney however, Corey did not express any form of actual love toward her.

Zoohouse RockEdit

Zoohouse Love

Corey gave Laney a bear hug and this made her fall madly in love. Pink hearts appear all around her and she giggles in love. But afterwards, Corey drops her onto the ground and she felt pain.

Queen BeeEdit


When Corey explained to Laney how they could get a full time gig out of playing at the Pollination Nation, he put his arm around her. When Corey explained to Laney how they could make Trina look sweet and win the Pollination Nation, he put his arm around her and pressed his face against her. When Corey saw Laney after Kin and Kon finished dressing her up for the Pollination Nation, he was looking at her her with shimmering eyes. He then said "I Gotta admit you make a pretty cute girl", before giving her a fist bump on the arm and calling her "Bro". After the pageant finished, Laney was annoyed that Corey turned down Mayor Mellow's offer to play at other pageants, and complains that she had to wear a dress. However Corey assures her that she never has to wear a dress again. Laney then imagines one of her dreams where it shows a wedding cake for her future wedding with Corey. The cake has figures of herself and Corey on it. Her figuring breaks down and the glass heart behind the small cake toppers breaks in half because she would have to wear a wedding dress on order for her to marry Corey and after hearing him tell her that she'll never have to wear a dress again, Laney's dreams are shattered leaving her with a very miserable face that is tearing up and her mouth is quivering as though she is about to cry.

Dreamreaver Part 1Edit

Caney in Dreamreaver

When Laney changed her mind and agreed that she was into Corey's idea and would go along with it, Corey smiled and his eyes opened widely and glimmered. After Laney insults the inside of Trina's head, Corey compliments her by saying "Solid burn Lanes." Laney then looks back at Corey with loving shimmering eyes and blushes while smiling meekly.

Dreamreaver Part 2Edit

Don't worry Lanes! All we need to do is remember these lyrics and get out of here!
The band was getting attacked by the evil Grojband and Corey and Laney were hiding behind some heart rocks for protection. Corey had the idea to get rid of them with music but Laney reminded him that they didn't even have lyrics for a song and so Corey ran away, abandoning Laney with the Mirage Band to get attacked, doing nothing but say "Hold them off!" while he left. After they eventually destroyed Mirage Band, Laney told Corey that she was still mad at him for what he did, but also less scared. Corey put his hand on her shoulder as he talked to her, and then Laney smiled and blushed and looked down at it.

A Knight to RememberEdit

Corey put his arm around Laney and told her to use her imagination. As he did, his eyes widened and shimmered and he made a bunch of sparkles and magic fall from his hand and land on her. Laney then agreed to his plan. Laney gasped in horror when she heard that Corey would be fighting to the death.

Hair Today, Kon TomorrowEdit

Corey bids Laney a doo
After Corey explained his plan to Kin and Kon, Laney dropped from the sky because of Kon's magic trick. Ignoring how much pain she was in, Corey told Laney that if she wants to harsh on his plans, then she has to be there on time and have her a mullet wig and so he, and the rest of the band continued on with the day.

Ahead Of Our Own ToneEdit

Corey's Laney grabbed face FORWARD IN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey attempts to link himself to the Blab Tap network to put the the song into Trina's mind and take her down. Laney becomes worried, so she grabs Corey's face and begs him not to do it, believing if he was networked he would likely never return.

Six Strings of EvilEdit

Corey shushing Laney

Laney was telling Corey about using Trina's diary entry as lyrics to save himself from the evil guitar. Corey shushed Laney and said "You had me at 'Corey, you're the greatest.'" For some reason, Laney did not have a loving reaction to this like she usually would. This was probably either because it was cut for time, or this was supposed to lightly hint love that Corey has for Laney.


Well, I wouldn't say "reeking havoc" but ... Uh ... If just say, ...
Corey released a gang of evil grandmas across the city and they all started tearing the place up and destroying everything. Laney freaked out over this and lashed out at Corey. She was trying to control her anrger and attack him only verbally, but Corey didn't get the message as he just brushed it off like it was nothing. He tried to convince her to calm down as he ran his finger through her hair, trying to soothe her and brush her hair down, but Laney was still angry at him.

Grin ReaperEdit

Caney in Grin Reaper
At the end of the episode, while Corey told his moral, he bopped Laney on the nose a few times which caused her to grin very widely and look at his hand in joy. A bunch of hearts appeared over her head and then she swooned and leaned backwards, gazing into the sky in happiness. She then drowsily fainted backwards onto the ground.

War and PeacevilleEdit

Why did Tina just encourage you?
Out of all of the people in Peaceville, Corey and Laney were some of the very few people who did not start fighting against each other. They stuck together and they both worked hard to try and get the town back together again. This could imply that they have the same descent, but that would also mean that Laney is of Riffin descent. When Corey was writing lyrics down, he used Laney's head as a base for his paper.

Myme DiseaseEdit

Candy in Myme Disease

As Corey and Laney are walking in the park, Corey wraps his arm around Laney as he explains that Trina getting her painting painted by nick. As he does so a pink love heart emerges from Laney. When Laney is turned into mime, Corey expresses major distraught over it by yelling "Noooooo!!!", hinting that he may have feelings for her.


Laney and Lenny in Kon-Fusion

Laney admits to Larry that she's in love with Corey and they talk about her feelings for him. She says that she wants to stay mad at Corey for all of the crazy things he does, but she can't because he's so cute. When Corey tells about his crazy plan that just might work, Laney says "I can't stay mad at you ... I mean, that could work!"

Pop Goes the BubbleEdit

Ladies first
When Corey and Laney are about to enter the sewer he lets her enter first saying "Ladies first". This causes Laney to say "Aww, thanks" and a few love hearts to float from her head, but when she discovers the mud in the sewer she sarcastically adds "Eww, thanks."
I love it when Corey does that
As Laney carries a heavy can of pop she asks Corey for help. Corey replies that he is helping by pointing at where she was to put the can, which greatly annoys her. When Laney is questioning Corey's plan by bringing up another problem, he shushes her and says: "One problem at a time Lanes."

Girl FestEdit

Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh. Gugh ... Hugh ... Oh poor Laney.
Corey acknowledged the fact that Laney was a girl in this episode way more than he usually does starting with him saying "I think Laney's a lady, and she's full of rage." Laney was mad at Corey for the plan he was making. Corey then puts his arm around Laney, making her eyes gleam and a heart appear above her head. This made Laney stop complaining and feel very in love with him. Laney got angry at Corey a lot in this episode. When Corey told Laney that she couldn't "pick" a better reason to perform
Caney in Girl Fest
at The Lady Rage Music Festival, she got mad at him for saying "pick", referring to her picking her nose. Laney discovered that Candy Jamz had a manager. When Corey said that they might bail on their gig, Laney got furious and grabbed him by the shirt collar and shook him around, screaming in his face,telling him that they're going to "Rock the truth out and bring this festival down!" Laney and Corey seemed to switch roles in this episode when doing certain things.
Corey and Laney switching roles
Laney was the one who came up with a plan to make Trina go into diary mode and she was the lead singer in the song while Corey played backup music and was positioned the same way she usually is. When Corey told his moral, he put his arm around Laney, making hearts appear above her head. During his moral, he put his arm around her, making her look at him with glimmering eyes and hearts above her head.
Oh, Laney, never stop loving Corey.
Then, he grabbed Laney by the shoulders and pressed his face up against hers and they looked each other directly in the eyes. Despite Laney wanting to masculine in this episode and not fall to the love of boys, she still expressed her soft and sweet crush on Corey at the end. However it may be possibly that she only did this because she found out Candy was a scam.

The BandidateEdit

Caney in The Bandidate

When Corey is singing Bring her Down, Laney comes up and sings into the same microphone with him. Corey and Laney spend the majority of the song singing with each other and as they're finishing the song, they are both seen looking at each other and happily smiling.


Caney in Hologroj

Corey suggested that the band goes out to feed some squirrels in the park as he put his arm around Laney. When he did this, romantic music played and Laney looked at him with a happy, love struck face. Corey also had a happy look on his face during this.

The Snuffles with SnarfflesEdit

Caney in The Snuffles with Snarffles

When Corey was explaining his plan in the car, he gave Laney a nose bop. After he did this, Corey's eyes shimmered and he smiled widely. Later, Laney was seen looking at him with shimmering, loving eyes. While Grojband was singing Kitty Rocks, Laney looked at Corey while he was holding Wheelie and said "I just wanna hug him." She was probably referencing to both Wheelie and Corey when she said this.

Bee Bop A LoofahEdit

How does your brain work?
It was a running gag in this episode for Laney to say something and for Corey to pick up something completely different, giving him a really bad idea. It started in the garage where Laney suggested that they give up. Corey then told her that her idea to play music in people's showers through the drainage pipes was a good idea. Eventually, it came to the point where Laney explicitly said "We can't fill up the reservoir." which gave Corey the idea to do just that. Laney responded to this saying "How does your brain work!?"

Soulin' Down the RoadEdit

Caney in Soulin' Down the Road

When Corey yanked a piece of toast out of Laney's hands, Laney reacted by first having a shocked face, but then when Corey dropped the toast into the toaster, she had a very happy and in love face. Her eyes were glimmering as she was staring at him and she was biting her lip and smiling excitably with loving angst.

For Hat and CountryEdit

Laney applauds
Corey told everyone his idea of making their band become country by building their own country. Laney, as usual, was very obligated to the thought of this and decided to explain to Corey how they usually go through this sort of thing every day. Corey apparently, already knew what process they were going through and told Laney that they're "still on the first part of that" as he "seduced" her into going along with it by bopping her on the nose which caused her to dreamily moan while biting her lip and look up in the air while hearts appeared over her head. Throughout the entire episode, it was a running gag for Laney to try and convince Corey that they are getting tied up in yet another one of his repetitive crazy plans that is no different than all the rest and having him keeping his confidence, thinking that there's nothing wrong when it's plain to see that everything that's going on is really bad.
My Gal
For instance: Corey signed a waiver to Mayor Mellow, giving themselves their own land in the middle of Peaceville, resulting him in barricading them all in a solid brick wall, guarded by his army tank. Laney opened her mouth, with an angry look on her face, about to tell him that his plan was exactly what she thought it would be, but Corey shushed her and said "We don't know that this was a bad idea yet". After ignoring Laney several times when she tries to warn him of the bad plan, Corey finally comes to the realization and asks her whether this was the time, to which she smiles and sarcastically applauds him. While Grojband was singing I Must Be Losing My Mind, Corey talks about all the things he lost, one of which included "his gal." He gestures to a silhouette of Laney's head as he says this.

It's in the CardEdit

Laney thinks Corey is smokin'

Laney was seen laying down on the stage with her hands on her cheeks, looking at Corey with a loving look while she watched him shoot a bow and arrow. Later in the episode, Grojband broke up and Corey and Laney stopped liking each other. When they broke up, Laney sarcastically said to Corey "Imagine that, your sister being responsible for your music." Corey responded to her with sarcasm saying that maybe instead of using his idea for a song, they should have put some of her complaining into it instead. When Laney was alone in her room, she felt very anxious to get back together with Corey again and she even started arguing to her reflection in the mirror about Corey, and she comes to the conclusion that there's nothing for her to do without Corey and was right. Meanwhile, Corey build replicas of the rest of his band, along with one named Janey who was a replica of Laney. He was explaining to the band a plan to go to the moon. He asked Janey if she had any questions, and Janey just dropped to the ground and Corey screamed "Perfect!" Overall, Laney really missed Corey after breaking up with the band and he was all she ever thought about after this and although Corey didn't express any sorrow over the loss of Laney, he still built a replica of her. However, whether he did this out of love s debatable, seeing as he also made one of Kin and Kon, calling them "Jin and Jon." At one point, all of the members of Grojband came back to the garage again including Laney who saw Corey again. Unlike the rest of the band, Laney didn't seem to express any anger toward Corey whatsoever. 

Caney in It's in the Card
Instead, she looked very sad and nervous around him. Corey opened a pre-recorded valentines day card from Laney where she was talking about how much she cared for Grojband, Corey's eyes got really big and started glimmering and getting watery. Laney felt awkward about being right in front of him when this was happening and she couldn't look him directly in the eye while it was happening. When grojband hugged right after they made up Laney was mostly hugging Corey. Corey and Laney even sang the song Love it's in my Heart together. 
Love it's in my Heart
A love song where they were standing on top of a pile of Valentine's day cards in a bright pink background of hearts and love. This song was not directed at each other though. Instead it was directed at all of the citizens of Peaceville that they hurt. At the end of the song, the only two people singing were Corey and Laney when they ended off the song singing "I love you and you love me too." After Corey told his moral, Laney said that he could have used his moral for lyrics to their song, to which Corey responds that Janey said the same thing. This makes Laney sigh in ignorance.

Curse of the MetrognomeEdit

Caney in Curse of the Metrognome
The Metrognome explodes and his beard flakes all start falling down all around the place. Corey and Laney start catching them on their tongues like snowflakes to get their timing back. They are both walking around and not looking where they're going when they do this which ends up in them both running into each other where they kiss. When they kiss, they both have very surprised looks on their faces and the whole scene becomes very romantic and exciting. The background turns pink and it glows brightly as a giant heart appears over their heads and the sounds of romantic and celebratory music plays alongside an angel choir. Afterwards, Laney is paralyzed in shock and her frown slowly turns into a smile as her eyes begin to sparkle. In Corey's reaction, he immediately expressed major pleasure from this.
Caney in when we make today our day
Corey is obviously shocked by this and his eyes also gleam and he smiles, and says "Wow..." After a little while, they shake their heads then revert back to normal again. They are very nervous and embarrassed now. Corey apologizes for running into her but he also smirks and blushes when he does this. Laney, with a loss for words, tries to tell Corey that it was okay as her eyes sparkle and she plays with her hair with her finger and says "No, I was just... yeah... cotton candy." When Laney says "cotton candy" her eyes widen and become glazed and she looks up into the air, obviously still in shock. She smiles widely and expresses that she is overjoyed by what just happened. She blushes wildly too.
Laney wants to kiss Corey Riffin on the lips
 When Grojband is playing "When we make today our day," Corey and Laney hint multiple times that they have a crush on each other. When they are singing together, Corey looks at her lovingly leading Laney to blush and smile before looking away. They both continue singing into the same microphone after this which makes Laney look at Corey with sparkling eyes, smile, and blush even more. A picture of Corey and Laney kissing shows up during the last lot of pictures in the song. After the song, Laney wishes Corey a happy new year and attempts to kiss him again as a heart appears over her head. However Corey ignores this and tells his moral instead.

Dueling ButtonsEdit

Laney tells Corey to breathe

After Corey becomes addicted to the Solo Shredder videogame, Laney, Kin and Kon try various ways to drag him out of his addiction. They come up with the idea of putting a real guitar back in this hand, but that fails to work. When Corey finds out Trina's single Nick Nicky Nick has become a hit, he begins to snap. Laney tells him to breathe, but Corey retorts that he's been breathing his whole life and its gotten him nowhere.

Hear Us Rock Part 1Edit

Caney in Hear Us Rock Part 1

When Laney hears that the world is going to end, she comes up to Corey with a valentines day card and she says that on her last day on earth, she needs to tell Corey what's in her heart. She is then stopped when she realizes she has no proof that the world is going to end. Corey asks Laney what was in her heart and she nervously says "Nothing!" and then changes the subject. Corey puts his arm around Laney and walks with her through the garage asking her if she would like her last moment on earth to count. This makes hearts float all around Laney's head as she stares at a him with sparkling eyes, giggles, and blushes. While Grojband is singing "If The World Is Ending," Corey gets close up to Laney and her eyes shimmer and a heart appears over her head.

Hear Us Rock Part 2Edit

Caney in Hear Us Rock Part 2

Before Grojband plays "I'm Giving It All," Laney comes up to Corey and tells him it's been a pleasure rocking with him and she looks nervous when she says this. Corey is happy to hear this and he tells her that the pleasure was his. This makes Laney smile and feel more happy. While Corey tells his moral, he puts his arm around Laney as he says, "Saving the world is one thing Lanes. But there are other things that are everything. A one thing so special you'd die to save it, and be lost without it. And losing the one thing that's everything could leave you with nothing. A nothing so empty and cold, you can't even feel the wicked heat that's right beside you." After saying this, Corey runs his finger up along Laney's face and bops her on the nose. This makes hearts fly all around Laney while she looks at him with sparkling, shimmering eyes, blushes, and falls deeply in love with him, leaving her speechless. 


  • This relationship is commonly referred to as the shipping names: "Caney", "Corney", and even "Lancore."
  • This relationship frequently overlaps with the running gag of Misgendering Laney.
  • Their Newman counterparts Carrie and Lenny have a similar relationship, with Lenny having a secret crush on an oblivious Carrie.
  • Although it is mostly Laney who expresses her love for Corey, Corey sometimes does things to express love for Laney. However, these moments are extremely subtle and very minor and some of them could easily be argued to not imply that he loves her just as easily as they can be argued that he does.
    • In All You Need is Cake, Corey's first response to Laney saying that he was in love with her was staring in shock and saying "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" as his jaw dropped. After he remembered that he was doing this for a giant cake, he quickly changed it to a "Whaaaaaaa-HOO!!!" and then went along with her plans and started complying with her, by going on fake dates with her. He was only faking it, but it is unknown if he actually enjoyed this and liked the dates they went on in this episode.
    • In Six Strings of Evil, Corey shushed Laney, making a happy face as he stared at her. Love music played in the background but Laney expressed no loving feelings. It's possible that these loving feelings were actually Corey's.
    • In Dreamreaver Part 1, when Laney decided she actually liked Corey's plan and wanted to join it, Corey's face lit up with shimmering eyes and a loving smile.
    • In Pop Goes the Bubble, Corey acknowledged the fact that Laney was a girl and told her "Ladies first."
    • In It's in the Card, Corey started tearing up when he heard the prerecorded card from Laney, telling him how she really loves him and the rest of the band. This also made him agree to start the band up again.
    • In Curse of the Metrognome, Corey and Laney kissed for the first time and a giant love heart appeared over both of their heads. Corey's reaction was becoming paralyzed in shock as he said "Woooow" with shimmering glazed eyes. He also acted really awkward and nervous afterwards.

Theory Edit

It is possible that Laney is also oblivious to Corey, as he hugs, boops and touches her more than does to Kin, Kon or anyone else. Also, in the song "I Must Be Losing My Mind", when he says " gal..." a silhouette of Laney appears. Could it be that Corey shows signs of liking Laney more than she shows signs of liking him? Is Corney/Caney/Lorney canon? It's possible...