It's a giant spaceship
The Cornfield is a field of corn in Peaceville. It is the site of Peaceville's Sludgefest, and was also the first landing site for G'ORB's U.F.O.. It first appeared in the episode "Space Jammin'".


The cornfield is where Peaceville's Sludgefest is held. It first appeared in Space Jammin', where Grojband riding a defective mower (sabotaged by Trina) accidentally mows a symbol into the field. The symbol coincidentally was used by The Orb Experience as a challenge to a battle of the bands, leading them to land and accept Grojband's challenge. Although Corey is reluctant at first, when band leader G'ORB insults the human race, Corey angrily accepts. G'ORB declares the battle is to be held at Sludgefest and threatens to destroy Earth if Grojband lost. Later the orbs abduct Kon in the field to extract information from him, possess the Newmans, and abduct Trina to steal her diary. While possessing the Newmans they perform the song Entry 4987: My Secret Fear and Junk, which was a direct extract read from Trina's diary. Grojband however easily defeat the orbs with their new song My Secret is Out. Accepting defeat the orbs retreat and take off in their UFO.

The cornfield later appears again in Who Are You (along with G'ORB's U.F.O.), where Hipster Corey went parasailing while tied to a Bear, onto the UFO.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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