This is the transcript for the episode Creepaway Camp.

  • (The episode begins at Camp Screamly where a bus is dropping Grojband off)
  • Corey: Here at last. What do you think?
  • Laney: I think you've got some explaining to do Corey. A campground? What's Grojband's next big thing? S'mores?
  • Corey: It's not just any campground.
  • (Screen cuts to the campsite)
  • Corey (Offscreen): This is Camp Screamly. Every year, kids come from miles around to be traumatized by an acoustic combat-
  • (Screen cuts back to Corey)
  • Corey: creep show. A battle of the bands to decide the scariest campfire scare band. This year, it'll be Grojband.
  • Kon: Camp Screamly, eh?
  • (Kon has an imagination sequence about himself.)
  • Kon (In his imagination): That sounds familiar in a foreshadowy kind of way.
  • (Kon's imagination sequence ends, being interrupted by Trina)
  • Trina (Offscreen): Listen up!
  • (Screen cuts to Trina holding a megaphone and yelling at Grojband, along with Mina)
  • Trina: You little twizerpy twerps don't have a chance wining anything at a camp where I'm head councilor.
  • Laney: Core! You brought us to a camp where your sisters the boss of us?
  • Trina: And besides, have you seen your competition?
  • Kin/Kon: Gasp! The Newmans!
  • Kin: Our doppelgänger gender opposites.
  • (Screen cuts to The Newmans making intimidating poses)
  • Laney: Core! You brought us to a camp where your sisters the boss of us and we have to compete against our mortal enemies?
  • Corey: Well, it doesn't sound as good when you say it out loud.
  • (Wicked Cool Transition)
  • (Grojband and The Newmans are in a burn battle.)
  • Carrie: So, it looks like you've come a long way for nothing, Riffin.
  • Corey: If by "nothing", you mean "victory", you're right.
  • Carrie (Offscreen): Oh, yeah?
  • Carrie: Well, we've won every contest for the last two years. That's the same number as you've never won.
  • Kin: Never won cuz we've never tried!
  • Corey: Our scary campfire songs gunna toast yours like a marshmallow, but it'll get so toasted, that it just oozes and falls in the fire and it's not delicious, it's just ruined.
  • Carrie: Well, whatever the worst burn of your life was, imagine it just got said to you ... Twice!
  • Corey: Am I crazy or do we have to totally crush them?
  • Laney: I love a good grudge match!
  • (Trina walks in.)
  • Trina: So like, here we all are at this song contest or whatever. Whoever does the scariest song will like, totally win this ugly trophy, I guess, but the losers! Looking at Corey, will lose so hard, they'll like, totally explode or some junk and will never pollute my ear holes with their grody music again! MWA HA HA!
  • Mina: Dd you really sign us up at this creepy buggy camp just so you could destroy your little brother?
  • Trina: As if. I wanna get close to nature, and by nature, I mean Hunky Nick Mallory.
  • (Screen cuts to Nick who is working as a lifeguard and cleaning a flutter board, to the point where it's shiny enough to see his own reflection.)
  • Nick: Looking good, Flutter Board Nick Mallory.
  • Flutter Board Nick Mallory: Right back at ya, lifeguard Nick Mallory.
  • (Screen then cuts to the Newmans just rehearsing a scary campfire song.)
  • Background noise: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • (Grojband is watching them from the bushes.)
  • Kin: Even their sound check is enough to make kids wet the bed. The only one that could top that would be-
  • Kon: Don't say it.
  • Kin: Blake-
  • Kon: I mean it, dude.
  • Kin: Sta-
  • Kon: Shhh!
  • Kin: Stabbington!
  • (Kon screams and lightning strikes in the background.)
  • Corey: Of course! The campfire metal master!
  • Laney: Woah, woah, woah! Campfire metal is a thing?
  • Corey: Not only is it a thing, it's a flashback.
  • (Screen shows a flashback of kids singing a campfire song.)
  • Corey (offscreen): Blake could turn even a boring song like, "How Many Bubbles In My Milk" into a pile of nightmares.
  • Kids:

Some say seven,

Some say eight,


That taste-

  • Blake:

Like death!

  • (Blake throws Biteface at the kids and they run away screaming.)
  • Blake: Bwahahahaha!
  • (Screen cuts to Kin holding a flashlight under his face.)
  • Kin: Legend has it that Blake Stabbington founded in a campground just like this.
  • (Screen zooms out to show the campgrounds, then cuts to show the forest as well.)
  • Kin: In a spooky forest,
  • (Screen zooms out again to show a swamp.)
  • Kin: -near a swamp,
  • (Lighthouse pops up on the side.)
  • Kin: -and he lived in a creepy old lighthouse!
  • Kon: That's why this place sounded so familiar!
  • Kin: In a foreshadowy kind of way.
  • (Screen cuts to Corey, looking at a lighthouse in the distance.)
  • Corey: That's it! Grojband, we're going for a rock walk.
  • (Corey walks offscreen then the screen fades over to Trina, Nick and Mina.)
  • (Trina's carving a stick, and she hands it over to Nick.)
  • (Nick grabs it and holds it out to Mina.)
  • (Mina takes a marshmallow out of a bag with an insect on it and screams, jumping into Nick's arms.)
  • Mina: Oh, sorry... Bugs just give me the creeps. It's all those legs!
  • (Mina shudders.)
  • Mina: And even more knees!
  • (Trina growls and grabs Mina.)
  • Trina: Stop forcing my not-yet boyfriend to like, comfort you and all your wussy fears and junk!
  • (Trina drops Mina.)
  • Trina: Hmmm...
  • (Wicked Cool Transition with lightbulbs spinning down the screen with chorus singing "Trina's Got An Evil Plan".)

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