Crying Diary Mode
Crying Diary Mode is a recurring form of Sadness Diary Mode. It is when Trina enters Diary Mode and cries while it happens.


When Trina goes into crying diary mode, she will be going through the same pattern as any normal sadness diary mode only she will cry when it happens. She will have a different facial expression which is an open frowning mouth and closes eyes. She will be making crying sounds with her mouth and tears will be coming out of her eyes.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Ironically, in Crying Diary Mode, Trina does not have tears in here eyes and her eyeliner is not running like it is in Sadness Diary Mode where she isn't crying.
  • In the episode Hear Us Rock Part 1, Instead of entering this diary mode by slowly floating up into to air, Trina blasted up on a geyser of fire as though it were an Anger Diary Mode.
  • In the episode Hear Us Rock Part 1, Trina was only crying at the beginning of this diary mode and then her face reverted back to a normal Sadness Diary Mode face.



Changed TimesEdit

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