Curling Competition
The Curling Competition is an event that was held in the episode "Rock the House" at Elementary High and hosted by Mayor Mellow. In this competition, Grojband face off against The Newmans to see who will win the right to play music after the competition was over.


The contest took place in the gymnasium of Elementary High where it was hosted by Mayor Mellow, hanging from a rope on the ceiling. Grojband rivaled against The Newmans but it was Grojband who had all the fans rooting for them. Kin and Kim were the first two contestants to go down the ramps. Kin used a blast of sonic sound to try and destroy Kim, but Kim fought through it and smashed Kin in the face with her keyboard, landing her rock in the house. The second round was between Kon and Konnie. They both went down, but Konnie launched a bunch of cymbals out of her drum, knocking Kon out of his rock and making him faceplant on the ground, while she landed safely in the house. Laney and Lenny went up against each other next and Lenny, with great fear, jumped out of his rock before Laney could even get to him. Laney smashed Lenny's rock out of the way and landed her's in the house. The final round was between Corey and Carrie. Corey used the One Man Band Pack when going up against Carrie. Carrie was about to use her guitar to destroy Corey, but it wasn't enough, as Corey deployed the One Man Band Pack and used a gigantic blast of soundwave against Carrie, launching her off of her rock while Corey smashed his rock directly in the house and blew all of the other rocks right out of the field, causing Grojband to win the competition.



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