DJ Fusion
DJ Fusion
Vital statistics
Full Name DJ Fusion
Aliases None
Age 20 or older
Gender Male
Hair Color Pink (dyed)
Race African American
Eye Color Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Faction DJ and restaurant owner of Fuse This
Location Peaceville
First Appearance Kon-Fusion
Latest Appearance Kon-Fusion
Voice Actor Tyrone Savage
DJ Fusion is character that appeared in the episode Kon-Fusion. He is a DJ that formerly combined different kinds of music together, but now combines different kinds of food together. He is voiced by Tyrone Savage.


DJ Fusion is a DJ that became famous by combining two different kinds of music together. He invented music such as hip hopera, moon metal, and unplugged techno. Later in his career, DJ Fusion opened up a restaurant called Fuse This where he fused different kinds of foods together using an invention called the Fusion Mixer. This restaurant became very popular as a result. DJ Fusion's career was ruined when he fused the bands Grojband and The Newmans together and used them as one band called Grojmans who played as entertainment at his restaurant. The members of this band, being fused together disgusted everyone causing them to throw up. As a result Fuse This got shut down on it's opening night, and DJ Fusion expresses regret for ever opening the restaurant.


DJ Fusion is a man with a big, pink Mohawk and orange shades. He has a pink beard and a gold choker chain. His shirt is a mixture of a green T-shirt and a blue sweater. His pants are a mixture of red jeans and purple shorts. He wears one yellow boot, and one red sneaker. He wears one black glove and black headphones.


DJ Fusion is obsessed with combining two different things together to make new things no matter what they may be. He has been shown to combine two kinds of music together to make new kinds of songs which made him very popular. He also opened up a restaurant where he fused two different kinds of food together and he also wears clothing that are two different kinds of clothing mixed together. DJ Fusion mixes almost everything together and he can't get enough of it. He likes doing this so much, that he makes a living off of doing it by mixing kinds of music and food together at his two jobs as a DJ and working at a restaurant.


  • DJ Fusion is shown to fuse together the clothes he wears. He wears a fusion of two different shirts, two pairs of pants, and two pairs of shoes.
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