Earthbound Spirit
The Earthbound Spirit is a character who appeared in the episode Myme Disease. It is the ghost of an unnamed old man who has died and his soul is apparently trapped on Earth for an unknown reason. He was seen appearing in The Park, coming from a puff of green smoke and he saw Nick's painting of Trina. He was so enlightened by her painting, that he was then allowed to pass over to the other side. He then vanished into thin air in a source of sparkles and was never seen again.


The Earthbound spirit is a ghost of an elderly old man. He is the color blue and very vaguely translucent. He is a bald old man with a pladd shirt and an undershirt and a tie. He has jeans and a belt and some dress shoes. He is also seen carrying around a cane, which he walked with when he was alive.


  • "Well, hot dog. That's a beauty. I can finally cross over to the other side."

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