Ethan Banville
Ethan Banville is a writer for the animated series, Grojband.


Ethan Banville was born on the last day of October in the Riva; a place known for the Lizzie Borden axe murders, the world’s largest historical naval ship exhibit and one hell of a gang and drug problem.  After attending college in Boston, he fled the east coast entirely in his rusted-out ’65 Beetle for Los Angeles, where he now works as a television writer.  His credits include “The Captain & Casey Show”, “Drake & Josh”, “Zoey 101”, “Word Girl” and “iCarly”.  Since then he’s expanded his work geography and has begun writing on productions in Toronto including Family Channel’s “Really Me” and the Disney smash hit “My Babysitter’s A Vampire.” He’s currently writing as a freelancer on “Grojband”, a new animated show for Teletoon by Fresh TV.

Episodes WrittenEdit

Monster of Rock (2013)
Zoohouse Rock (2013)
Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow (2013) Writer (with Kyle Hart)
Line of Credit (2013) Writer (with Todd Kauffman)

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