Excessive Operation Title

Excessive Operation Titles are a running gag in the show. They are titles that Corey gives to his plans of getting lyrics and playing music. Whenever Corey is about to say the name of the operation that he's going to do, he gives a very long title which he will constantly ramble on with the extensive title of his plan and then will take a huge deep breath before he says the last word.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

Smash Up TerbyEdit

  • Corey: Okay guys, Operation make Trina look dumb in front of Hunky Nick Mallory so she writes in her diary so we can steal her words and turn them into some wicked lyrics is now in (Deep Breath) play!
  • Laney: Catchy title.

Cloudy with a Chance of Malt BallsEdit

  • Corey: Operation you guys get the stage prepped while I set up Trina for a diary worthy freak out and get us those killer lyrics for our new song is now in (Deep Breath) play.

Queen BeeEdit

  • Corey: Operation turn sweet to sour and sour to sweet so Trina will win and write happy sappy lyrics and -
  • Laney: Maybe just operation queen bee?
  • Corey/Kin/Laney: Queen Bee!
  • Kon: Sweet to sour and sour to ... uh ... Queen bee?

Grojband - The Show Must Go On!Edit

This gag is played with in the introductory short before "Water You Doing", where Corey states a short Operation title, which the rest of Grojband are unhappy with, until he states his traditional long title.

  • Corey: Operation "Sabotage Trina's Dance with Nick Mallory" is a go!"
  • (Grojband stares at Corey boredly)
  • Corey: Fine. Operation totally destroy Trina's chances at ever dancing with Nick Mallory at any event ever, so she continues to write in her diary" is a go!


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