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Front Man is the superhero alter ego of Corey Riffin in Super Zeroes. He is a member of, and the leader of The Justice Band. Corey describes his job as being the guy "who bosses the others around."


Front Man is Corey wearing his hat over his face as a mask with two eye holes cut out. He wears a black shirt with a red exclamation point on it. He also wears a red cape and black pants and a golden utility belt and black boots.


Front Man is a very strong and boastful leader of the team and he can also be quite pretentious at times. Like his identity, Front Man can often times get so caught up in his success and positive doings, that he can easily forget about any of the bad or negative things that are going on in the world and either intentionally or obliviously denies the drawbacks of what he's doing, no matter how bad they may be. However, this can actually serve as a good thing, for Front Man has the tendency to bite off more than he can chew and be always thrives to accomplish what he intends to do but it is always far out of reach. He doesn't let reality stand in his way and always manages to weasel his way out of every loop hole in his plans and get exactly what he wants in the end.


  • A "frontman" is another term for the lead singer of a band.
  • This superhero identity is where Corey's nickname "The Frontman", used in "Dueling Buttons", originated from.