G'ORB's revenge meteor

G'ORB's revenge meteor is a meteor that appeared in the episode Hear Us Rock Part 2. It was a meteor that G'ORB hurdled toward the earth as revenge on Grojband for beating them in the battle of the bands from the episode Space Jammin'.


The meteor is a gigantic, gray ball of flaming stone that leaves behind a blazing trail of fire wherever it goes. It easily has the destructive capabilities of wiping out the Earth, and its size is fairly large as when people stand on it a vast landscape can be seen. It has a similar texture to the surface of the moon, riddled with craters, ridges and crevices. When the meteor was destroyed, it cracked and exploded releasing a ginormous beam of blinding white light. The inside of the meteor is filled with orange magma.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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