Gage Munroe is a guest voice actor on Grojband. He is a teen actor and voice actor, best known for his roles as Mr. Moon on Mr. Moon, Marshall on PAW Patrol, and George Ridgemount on Stoked.

Voice Acting RolesEdit


Outside of GrojbandEdit

  • Dragon (Super Why!)
  • Coopers' Camera (Coopers' Camera)
  • Young Ben (One Week)
  • Ryan/Kid (ReGenesis)
  • Solomon Bassett (An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving)
  • Boy (The Jon Dore Television Show)
  • Unknown (Hotbox)
  • George Ridgemount (Stoked)
  • Mr. Moon (Mr. Moon)
  • Jimmy (Life with Boys)
  • Jake (BarBar and the Adventures of Badou)


  • Gage Munroe previously worked with FreshTV, voicing George Ridgemount on Stoked.

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