Vital statistics
Full Name Gary
Aliases None
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Race Snow Yeti
Eye Color Black
Friends The Walking Carpets, Grojband, and Trina Riffin (formerly)
Enemies Trina Riffin
Love Interest Trina Riffin (formerly)
Relatives Unknown
Faction The Walking Carpets (formerly)
Location Howling Heights Mountain
First Appearance Saxsquatch
Latest Appearance Saxsquatch
Voice Actor Unknown

Gary is a snow yeti that appeared in the episode Saxsquatch.


Gary's story actually dates back to the book of Rock Lore history. Back then, Gary resigned with his other sasquatch friends on Howling Heights Mountain, long before it got the name "Howling Height Mountain". He was in a band called The Walking Carpets, which consisted of himself, and three other sasquatches. Gary was the one who played the saxaphone in the band and they were a very popular band because of him. He wasn't the leader of the band, but he was a very beloved member of it. Until one day, when playing on a ledge of Howling Heights Mountain, he played the saxaphone so loud, that it crumbled the snow around them and caused an avalanche that buried them all. For a long time, they were never head from, other than some ghostly moans that came from the mountain, giving it the name "Howling Heights Mountain". In the events of the episode "Saxsquatch", Grojband went up there and got themselves buried too. Fortunately for them, Gary was shown to still be alive and healthy as he saved them and took them back to his cave. Gary was surprisingly a pretty nice guy who acted like a normal human being. There, Gary mentioned that he was no longer in his band because they got rid of him once the saxophone was no longer cool and started to get very cheesy and annoying.


Gary is a tall, purple snow monster with white fur. He wears the fur on his head as a mullet and he makes the fur around his body resemble the shape of a shirt and pants. He has a very sculpted face and a pink nose.



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