Grojband Playing in the Graveyard

The Graveyard is a place that first appeared in the episode Dance of the Dead. It briefly appeared again in the episode Group Hug and can also be seen in the Grojband Theme Song. The graveyard is where the dead bodies of deceased citizens of Peaceville are buried.


In the graveyard's debut appearance in the episode Dance of the Dead, Corey decided that the graveyard would be a nice place to host his Halloween themed concert. The band rehearsed there while also using a Cursed Magic Amp. A bolt of lightning stuck the amp which gave it cursed sound waves, that brought the corpses of the bodies to life. The bodies came out of the ground as Zombies and terrorized the citizens of Peaceville. The graveyard was later seen in the episode after Grojband played a song that made the zombies all go back into their graves again.

In the episode Group Hug, Trina was in the graveyard where she was mourning over the loss of Mina while tearing a daisy apart. Trina quoted "I can't believe you had to get stuck in that hole!" much to the shock of an elderly widower standing next to her, mourning over the loss of her husband at the same time.

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