Gum Flavored Gum

Gum flavored gum is a kind of gum that appeared in the episode Love in a Nethervator. It is gum that tastes like gum.


Gum flavored gum was first introduced in the episode "Love in a Nethervator" when Kin had a pack of gum that he shared with Kon and Laney. It appeared again in the episode "Six Strings of Evil" when it was revealed that Grojband still had the gum lying around the Garage with them. Only half of the pack of gum was left and they were counting it into the band's savings. Corey gave the gum to Cliff at the Peaceville Flea Market to buy a cursed guitar.


Gum flavored gum is pink chewing gum. It can come in the form of a gum ball of slices of gum in a packet. The gum ball is a reddish pinkish shiny ball of gum. The packet is a pink packet with a slightly darker punk stripe going across it. The packet contains light pink slices of gum that are wrapped in white wrappers.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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