This is the transcript for the episode Hear Us Rock Part 1.

(theme song)
(Episode begins with Corey looking out the garage.)
Corey The world is ending today? Are you kidding?
(Screen shows Kin and Kon, who look panicked and have chocolate-covered hands and mouths.)
Kin and Kon Do we look like we're kidding?
Laney [offscreen] The world is ending?
(Laney dashes up to Core with a heart-shaped card behind her back.)
Laney Core! I need to tell you what's in my heart. Wait, how do you know?
Kon Lo, it has been written in Rock Lore.
(Kin and Kon connect hands and a visual of Rock Lore appears.)
Kon A thousand and one years ago, the ancient Sambians ruled South America. With their mathematically perfect dance moves!
Kin But their dance card only showed a thousand and one years of move-busting. Now the beats have run out and the world's gonna end. Today!
(Corey comes up from the bottom of the screen and the imaginary bubble pops.)
Corey How do you know today's... today?
(Screen shows Kin and Kon in front of a calendar.)
Kon The Sambans made an apocalypse advent calendar, and it's been in our family for centuries! Giving us a tasty chocolate every morning!
(Kon opens up a compartment of the calendar, revealing a bitten chocolate.)
Kon Today, the Samban calendar ends!
(Kon is showing holding the shown chocolate.)
Kin [sobbing] But it's the last chocolate ever.
(Kin grabs Kons hand and eats the rest of the chocolate.)
(Screen goes over to Corey and Laney, standing at the edge of the garage.)
Corey From the moment I heard this a moment ago I knew this moment would come. So what's in your heart, Lanes?
(Laney hides the card back behind her back.)
Laney Nothing! Just that, maybe a chocolate calendar isn't the best way to predict the end of the world.
Kin But the Samban dance rhythms end today. Their math is never wrong! They even used a moonwalk to predict man walking on the moon.
(Kin goes offscreen doing the moonwalk.)
Corey If the world's gonna blow up, then it needs one last blow out! Guys, Grojband's gonna headline the concert at the end of the world!
Trina [offscreen] The world is ending?
(Trina opens the garage and enters.)
Trina Like, ultra scoff. How can you believe such turbo nonsense?
Corey This from a girl who believes that bananas will have zippers in the future?
Trina I only believe that because I believe everything hunky Nick Mallory believes. Hashtag, flashback!
(Flashback shows Nick and Trina in front of a pet shop window.)
Trina You know what animal is lame? Hamsters.
Nick Hamsters love that running wheel. Nick thinks they'd be great personal trainers.
Trina Um, I would totally sign up for their classes if they were!
(Trina goes and catches up to Nick, flashback ends.)
Corey Oh, I see. That's much less...
(Corey shakes his head crazily and points at himself.)
Corey Come on guys, let go tell the mayor the world's ending. Time to party!
(Grojband leaves the garage.)
Mina So, the world's isn't ending?
Trina No, but Corey's good mood is!
(A Wicked Cool Transition with a green, evil Trina face spins on the screen and the narrator says "Wicked Bad Transition".)
(Screen now shows Grojband at the mayor's office.)
Mayor Mellow The world is ending? There's only one thing to do.
(Mayor Mellow breaks glass and takes helmet out, putting it on.)
Mayor Mellow Put a mohawk on and rule this town like a post-apocalypse war lord!
Corey Or, we can give Peaceville one last party and Grojband can give a command performance.
Laney Or, we could just not do anything because this isn't a thing.
Mayor Mellow You're right. It's party time! Balloons, tiny burgers. Mmm, fancy extra rare ice cream toppings.
Kin and Kon Gummy dolphins!
(Phone rings and Mayor Mellow answers.)
Mayor Mellow Mayor Mellow's Hoax-Busting Hotline. Yes? Corey's here right now. A hoax? A totes hoax? I see...
(Mayor Mellow hangs up.)
Mayor Mellow Someone just called to say you're "totally biting the doom-style of a super-dead dance group from South whatever, and this end-of-the-world talk is some mega junk and stuff".
Kon Who was that mystery caller?
Corey Mr. Mayor, this is legit! Did your mystery caller prove it was fake?
Mayor Mellow No. But if I'm gonna believe you without proof, I gotta believe her too. Right?
Corey Yeah.
Kin Makes sense.
(Screen goes to Trina's room where Trina and Mina are at.)
Trina There. Corey's gig is ruined. Now, back to my perfect red nails. As if they could be another colour.
(Trina's phone bleats.)
Trina A bleat from Nick Mallory! "Nick totally thinks blue is the new red."
(Trina gasps.)
Trina It so totally is. Why are my nails this grody colour? Mina, problems!
Mina To the mall! Solutions live there!
(Grojband are now shown in the garage, in front of the computer.)
Corey We gotta get the apocalypse word out ourselves. Everyone needs to know that it's all over - except the party.
Kin Okay.
Kin [offscreen creating the meme] That's the blown up earth, now we add the scared panda and today's date. Bam! Doomsday Panda internet meme.
Laney Core! The world is not ending! This is just gonna freak people out!
Corey But what if the world is ending, Lanes? Wouldn't you want your last moment to count?
(As Corey says that he puts a hand on Laney's shoulder and walks away from Kin and Kon. Laney is feeling all dreamily. Corey's voice echoes in Laney's mind.)
Corey [echo in Laney's fantasy] Last moment to count... Last moment to count...
(Laney giggles.)
Kin It's online! And I bleated it to everyone in town.
(Kon's phone bleats.)
Kon Doomsday Panda is doomed? The world is ending? Today?! Ahhh!
(Kon starts screaming, crying and running around.)
Kin Uh, oh. We forgot the "cheer up there's a party tonight" part.
Corey Get to work on another meme, Kin. I'm gonna watch tv.
(News live on the tv.)
Chance This just in. Doomsday Panda says the world is doomed! We go live to Mayor Mellow's reaction.
Mayor Mellow In times like these, there's only one thing to say.
(Mayor Mellow starts up a motorcycle.)
Mayor Mellow Mayor Mellow and his precious democracy are dead! Long live Mayor Mohawk and his reign of terror!
(Mayor Mellow drives away.)
Chance The mayor has lost his mind. Maybe the rest of us should do the same.
(Screen goes to Buzz, who is at the mall.)
Buzz No panic at the mall. This girl only wants nail polish.
Trina Mine! No one else can have any! And the world is not ending, chumps!
Buzz Just normal mall freakouts.
(Camera comes back to Chance Happening.)
Chance Wake up, Buzz! The panic is spreading, and so are the wigs!
Sausage Barney It's the end of the world! And Mullet Barney is ready!
(Sausage Barney puts a wig on and drives away on his hot dog stand.)
(Screen goes back to Buzz who is now with Nick Mallory.)
Buzz Check out how relaxed this guy is!
Nick Nick Mallory thinks that panda needs to chill. I'll be hanging out at Ice Cream Monday's if you want to come, panda.
Buzz Chillin' with a cone, because everything's fine. And I'm right.
(Camera goes to destruction going on outside the mall.)
Mayor Mellow As the mayor of Peaceville, I command you to wreck Peaceville!
Mullet Barney You can't tell me what to do anymore! I'm gonna wreck this town!
Chance Everyone's crowding the mall for some wrecking and looting. And one thing is certain, I saw it coming.
(Now goes to Grojband, who is looking at the disaster outside of the garage.)
Kon What the heck is going on?
Corey It looks like the world is ending!
Laney And we're causing it! We whipped the town into a wig-wearing panic!
Kin That's totally possible! The prophecy doesn't say how the world ends. We're the bringers of doom!
Kon Doom was the last thing I wanted to be the bringer of!
Corey If we're fulfilling this prophecy, we need to rock this town together before it tears itself apart!

  • Kin: Great, but we'll need more than a party panda meme.
(While saying this, Kin shows the party panda meme he created.)
Corey Everyone's gathered at the mall. We'll bring the show to them!
Laney Okay, but how do we get lyrics?
Corey Easy. We'll convince one more person that the world is ending.
(Wicked Cool Transition with a blown up earth, revealing the Grojband skull. Narrator is saying "the world is gonna end!".)
(Citizens continue to wreck Peaceville, and Nick is sitting at Ice Cream Monday's with two ice creams.)
(Nick sighs.)
Nick Nick can't believe that panda's letting his cone melt.
(Corey joins him at the table with a banana split.)
Corey Some folks don't know how to chill.
Nick Corey Riffin, glad you're not sweating this doomsday junk.
Corey Oh, the world's ending. For sure.
Nick And you're cool with it?
Corey If the world wants to end, you gotta let it be. It takes someone really cool to be cool with the end of the world.
(Corey puts his feet on the table and knocks his ice cream over.)
Nick Nick never thought of it that way.
(Nick eats the rest of his cone and splats his extra one upside down on the table, then walks up to Corey.)
Nick Fumps-up, Corey Riffin.
(Nick and Corey fump and then Grojband walks to Corey while Nick walks away.)
Corey Trina's trained herself to believe everything Nick believes, and she's about to believe her time with Nick is over. Let's get set up!
(Wicked Cool Transition with Grojband's instruments coming down the screen with the narrator saying "Setup set-set setup!".)
(Screen goes to Trina and Mina, where the pirate crew runs past.)
Trina Look at these freaks freaking out. They just believe whatever and things.
(Trina's phone bleats and Trina looks at her phone.)
Trina Nick says, "Later world. You had a good run." Nick thinks the world is ending? I think what Nick thinks. I think this...
(Trina perks up.)
Trina The world is like totes over. Obvious.
(Corey comes from the side of screen and beside Trina.)
Corey So, I guess you're out of chances with Nick.
(Trina gasps.)
Trina I'll never have Nick! No kisses! No second dates! No first dates! I should have seized the moment and carpe'd my diem!
(Trina enters Crying Diary Mode. Corey catches the diary.)
Corey Time to carpe everyone's diem.
(Screen goes to Mayor Mellow and Mullet Barney.)
Mayor Mellow There's only room for one crazy-haired maniac in this town!
Mullet Barney Then youse about to get a hairscut!
(Mayor Mellow and Mullet Barney drive their vehicles towards each other and jump off but stop mid-air.)
(Attention goes to Grojband, who are on a stage.)
Corey Hey, Peaceville! Stop thinking about the end. You might miss something, and by something I mean this!
(Grojband singing "If The World Is Ending".)
Corey [singing] If the world is ending,
then why are we pretending
that a funeral is what we're attending?
Why the yells?
Why the cries?
Why the rush to say goodbyes?
Everybody's busy stressing
I can't help but wonder why
We don't stop and think of all
The times that we had a ball
And you should do it all again before we hit a wall!
Steal a glance.
Take a chance.
Ask somebody for a dance
If time is running out on us
Then I'll thank you in advance
From the moment that we got
And the fact that we will not let
Time run out on us
Without giving it a shot
(Gasp for air.)
If the world is ending,
then why are we pretending
that a funeral is what we're attending?
If the world is ending,
then I'm not comprehending
what a party's not what
we are attending!
(Screen goes to Nick and Trina.)
Trina Nick! All this time and I never told you that I, dramatic pause, love you...
Nick Thanks Trina Riffin. I'm glad you didn't tell me. It would've been awkward for both of us. Fumps up.
(Nick and Trina fump and Trina shatters to pieces like glass while Nick walks away.)
(Everyone is cheering for Grojband and Mayor Mellow go over to them.)
Mayor Mellow I've been flip-flopping on this doomsday thing all day, and I won't stop now! Let's quit stressing and break out the gummy dolphins. Whee!
(Mayor Mellow throw out a handful of dolphin gummies to the crowd.)
Laney [to Kin and Kon] Why aren't you guys happy? I thought you wanted gummy dolphins.
Kin Laney, Rock Lore was wrong. Sure the world's still here, but those gummies don't seem as sweet.
Kon He's right!
(Kin and Kon start crying.)
(Spotlight shines on Corey.)
Corey Cheer up guys. Life's gummies are as sweet as we make 'em, and the only way to taste it is to live. No one knows the future but if you just-
(Frightened gaps interrupt Corey's moral, and there's a meteor seen above his head.)
Mayor Mellow A meteor is about to destroy the world!
Kin The prophecy was true!
Kon Rock Lore for the win!
Corey Well, I guess that's that! Thanks for coming out everyone!
(Corey closes the garage door.)

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