The hipsters appeared in "Who Are You" when the band performs at Bean Barney's coffee shop.


The hipsters don't care about anything at all, unless it hasn't been heard of at all. They are also relatively unemotive. So when they heard that Grojband is performing, they wondered what they were like, because no one had heard of them. But when Trina told them that the band was lame, they rolled their eyes and turned them away. When Corey walked backwards in the Shoe-Niversities and forgot how to play, the hipsters thought it was cool, and clapped for him. They also liked the song Shades. It seems that after the events of the episode Who Are You, the hipsters no longer have the opinions that they debuted with as in future episodes, they were seen openly and expressively loving things that are popular with other people. A small group of them were seen enjoying the lounge that everyone else had heard of in The Pirate Lounge for Me, and one of them was seen happily cheering for Grojband's song That's My Jam in the episode That's My Jam.


Laney gives the perfect description of a hipster in Who Are You, describing them as having "dead rolling eyes, and silly t-shirts". Most of the hipsters are seen to be wearing glasses or "shades", with some wearing beanies. Some of the male ones have moustaches, with one having a thick beard.


  • "Sorry, were you talking at me?"
  • "I've never heard of these guys. They must be awesome."
  • "So you've heard of them? These guys are so over played!"
  • "That s'more is trying so hard to look tasty!"

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