Holo-Nick is a holographic version of Nick Mallory that appeared in the episode Hologroj. Grojband made this holographic clone of Nick to terrify Trina.


Holo-Nick was created so that Trina would go into diary mode. Grojband was with Nick at the concert and they used the holographic scanner on him while he danced in front of it because they told him that it was a "pre-concert laser light show." They also got Nick to leave a message on his cellphone saying "Nick says, Nick's not here right now." They later projected his hologram at the concert and Corey convinced Trina that he was not real. Trina was starting to believe him, but when she saw Holo-Nick, she was overjoyed to see that he really existed. She jumped up and gave him a hug, but went right through him, hitting the ground. Trina was terrified and she freaked out, becoming more and more paranoid because of this. She was convinced that Nick didn't exist which caused her to lose her mind and go into diary mode.


Holo-Nick appearance

Holo-Nick looks exactly like Nick Mallory only he is entirely the color blue. There are static lines that go down his body and he also has some blue and bright white laser lights that shine around and among his body that are projected on him by the holographic projector that makes him. His entire body is translucent.


  • Unlike the rest of the holograms, Holo-Nick has never been seen moving. He has been seen in different positions in the mind visuals of Trina before going into her diary mode.


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