Jack Attack Energy Bar
Jack Attack Energy Bars are highly unstable energy bars that were taken off the market because of one guy eating one and turning into pure light. They appeared in Rockersize where Grojband found four of them left over in a vending machine and they ate them which made them play five weeks worth of music into five seconds.


Jack Attack Energy Bars were energy bars that used to be around until one guy ate one and the energy was so overwhelming, that he turned into pure light. They were banned by the health department and recalled and they were never to be seen again. Until their debut in the episode Rockersize where Kin and Kon spotted four of them left behind in a vending machine at the Gym Barn. Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney all ate one which caused them go blast up into the air on a geyser of green flames. They were then induced with lightning in their veins which caused them to play music at a super sonic speed. They compressed five weeks worth of music into five seconds. The music was so overpowering, that it caused Blanche, Bertha, and Beatrice to skyrocket in muscle growth, and made them become giant muscular monster like super humans called Gorillandmas that rampaged around Peaceville, destroying everything and torturing everybody. After the energy wore off, Grojband was left covered in black ash and burning fire due to the side affects of the Jack Attack Energy Bars.


Jack Attack Energy Bars are brightly colored glowing green energy bars that look similar to chocolate bars. They come in red wrappers with a yellow stripe across them with a green star on it.

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