Jammy is a character that appeared in the episode "That's My Jam." He is a living blob of jam that Grojband brought to life to enter in a jam contest. He is voiced by Brian Froud.


Jammy was first created by Grojband in the garage. They wanted to make a jam that would win the Jam contest. Trina tried to sabotage their jam by pushing one of their amps into the couldren of jam but by doing that, the jam came to life and Jammy was born. They wanted to make Jammy happy with them so that he would become their friend so he could win the jam contest for them, but Trina had the same idea. They both tried to make Jammy happy, but Jammy seemed to like Trina better which meant that Grojband might lose the contest. When Jammy was making his final decision, he decided that Grojband was nicer and stayed with them instead. Then, Kin and Kon spread him on some bread and Corey ate him, for that was his true destiny in life.


Jammy is a shiny pink blob of jam with two oval shaped black eyes and a mouth. He also has two arms that he can make appear and disappear on contact.


  • "No yell. Jammy choose."
  • "Jammy pretty."
  • "Ahem. Jammy say 'roar!'"
  • "Jammy no monster, Jammy pretty."
  • "Jammy like."
  • "Jammy miss new jar."
  • "Jammy no more splat."
  • "Jammy likes jamming!"
  • "Jammy love."
  • "Jam!"
  • "Jammy tickle!"
  • "Jammy Grojband's jam!"
  • "Jamming!"
  • "Rejoice my friend, this is every jam's destiny. I embrace it, for I have lived."


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