This article focuses on the interactions between Kate Persky, Allie Day, and Laney Penn.


Out of all of the members of Grojband, Laney is the one who shows the most concern for Kate and Allie. She is always the first one to ask if they'll be alright in handling the latest task Corey assigned to them. Kate and Allie's view about Laney are unclear, at times she seems to be the most forgettable member, while other times they adore her just as much as the others.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

Dance of the DeadEdit

Laney becomes a fire giant

When Kate and Allie see Laney, they quickly compliment the "scary costume" she was wearing. However, as Laney had enough of hearing that throughout the episode, she finally loses it. She turns into a gigantic fiery monster and screams "It's not a costume!", which sends Kate and Allie tumbling backwards.


At the shrine that Kate and Allie prepared for Grojband, Laney's photo isn't present with the other band members.

Girl FestEdit

Laney rips off Corey's singing position

When Laney performs You're So Untrue at the Lady Rage Music Festival, Kate and Allie are seen in the audience cheering for her.


After Kate and Allie clamber up the mountain, frozen and covered in icicles, Laney is very concerned for them and asks if they are sure they're fine. However, they still claim that they're fine.

Group HugEdit

Grojband and the Groupies Laughing

Laney is genuinely creeped out by how much knowledge Kate and Allie have about Grojband. However she awkwardly brushes it off by saying "number one fans for sure." She later awkwardly joins in when the groupies laugh at Corey's "joke" of denying he got the lyrics from his sister's diary. She later gets kidnapped by Kate and Allie, along with the rest of Grojband, in order to motivate Corey into writing them a song.