Kate and Allie's shrine to Grojband
Kate and Allie's shrine to Grojband is a shrine to Grojband that Kate and Allie have in their closet. It appeared in the episode "Group Hug."


Kate and Allie's shrine to Grojband is a shrine in a closet with purple walls. There is a purple banner on the ceiling with a white outline of the Grojband skull. There are pictures on the wall of an orange silhouette of Laney in a purple background, a picture of Grojband singing the Grojband Theme Song, a picture of Corey's mugshot from Line of Credit, a picture of Corey singing the song Yesterday, a 'Lady Rage' poster like the one in Girl Fest and in the middle is a big picture of Grojband playing a song in a shining blue background. On the floor is a bunch of aroma therapy candles that are all kinds of shades of purple.

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