Kin's Inventions are machines and devices, created by Kin Kujira. He frequently invents some new kind of technology, that he's planning on using for musical purposes. It will often be accompanied by himself or Kon testing the invention with comical results. In addition, Laney will frequently be unimpressed or express doubt over the invention. This is a list of all of his inventions in the series.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

Zoohouse RockEdit

Laney asks what Kin built
Kin shows off the Mus-sage Chair, which administers a massage powered by music. However when Kin tests it, he uses too much power and gets flung into the door.

Rock the HouseEdit

Kin begins the episode by explaining in the hypothetical situation that all of Grojband except for Corey were to die, he created a One Man Band Pack so Corey can continue performing on his own.

Who Are YouEdit

Kin reveals the Shoe-Niversities which educate people when they walk, but Kon keeps arguing with him over the name.

Pop Goes the BubbleEdit

Laney Oookay
Kin unveils the Bubble Machine, which creates bubbles for others to pop. Laney at first is unimpressed, but after being encouraged she joins in popping the bubbles as well.


Laney plays baseball with Kin and Kon, and fails to hit a hologram ball. Kin explains it's his latest invention, a Hologram Projector

The Pirate Lounge for MeEdit

Kon is used to test out Kin's Rocking Chair, however it gets out of hand and severely injures Kon.

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