Kin's Keytar

Kin's Keytar is a musical instrument used by Kin in the band. It's basically the same as his keyboard only in the form of a guitar. He uses this whenever he's on the go and is making a more mobile performance.


Kin's Keytar was first used in the Theme Song, but its first episode appearance was in Cloudy With A Chance Of Malt Balls, where Kin was using it, when he and the rest of the band were typing to get noticed by Cherry Grapestain. It was not used in he episode's song, however, because they were staying put on the same stage during that performance. It's first song debut was in the song Thrash, Bash, Burn and Crash, from the episode Indie Road Rager.

In Dreamreaver Part 2, although it didn't actually appear, two dream version of it were seen. The first one was a Mirage Band counterpart of it, used by Mirage Kin. Mirage Kin was using a Keytar that looked exactly like Kin's only, gray, like the rest of the band. When Mirage Kin played it, the keys he hit would light up in a reddish pinkish color and it would fire out lasers from the Keytar's head. The second one was one made by Grojband themselves. When fighting against Mirage Band one last time, the band dreamed up heir own musical instruments and were able to use them in their dreams. Their musical instruments were exactly like their own only they would also be used as weapons. Kin imagined a dream version of his Keytar. They were used during the song My Mind and Kin used his Keytar to blast a laser and destroy Mirage Kin's.

In the episode Super Zeroes, the band was posing as a team of superheroes called The Justice Band and during the song We're not Heroes, Kin was seen using his standard keyboard most of the time, but at one point during the song, the band was seen in a comic book portrayal, showing them as actual superheroes, flying thought the air. In this case, Kin was seen using the Keytar. This was its only appearance however, and he was not seen with it again afterwards.

In Ahead Of Our Own Tone, it appeared again, only it was used by Laney, while Kin used his standard keyboard for some reason. It was used for the song You're Going Down.


Kin's Keytar is a blue keyboard with white keys and white light buttons along it. Basically it's that same as his original keyboard only with a guitar neck protrusion coming off of it.

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