Kin Kim

Kin Kim is a fusion between Kin Kujira and Kim Kagami. They were fused together in the episode "Kon-Fusion."


Kin Kim are Kin and Kim fused together. Kim's bandana is being worm over Kin's tuxedo shirt. Kim's shirt has one of Kin's pant legs coming out of it. Kin and Kim share the same arms and legs. One leg has Kin's pant leg on it and the other one has Kim's knee sock on it.


Kin Kim were both jealous of Kon Konnie for being great friends with each other when Kon and Konnie used to be their friends back when they were apart. Kin and Kim had a conversation about how they were such good friends and how they were jealous of them. They got their bodies defused and went back to being enemies again at the end of the episode.


  • Kin: We always get chocolate chocolate swirl.
  • Kim: Konnie and me too. Not cool.
  • Kin: Look who found new paddle pals.
  • Kim: I think they're taking this whole sharing a heart thing too far.


  • They are the only Grojman fusion where the heads are separate.


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