Creepy Kin in the shadows
This is a list of the best quotes by Kin Kujira.

Quotes Edit

  • "Join us as we explore ... Rock Lore!"
  • "So even if we do make it there alive, what are we going to do for lyrics ... Corey?"
  • "Great. Now I want lyrics and lemonade."
  • "Wow! Someone out there really likes us!"
  • "It feels like it was just yesterday even though it was today."
  • "I've got a crazy plan that just might work."
  • "Thanks for coming out, everyone!...And Kin gets the hat trick!"
  • "What a Cliffhanger."
  • "You're a minute late..."
  • "I won ten bucks! Kon didn't think you'd still be alive!"
  • "Gasp! The Newmans! Our gender doppelganger opposites!"
  • "Guys how's this for crazy? Hm? Sorry, that was Corey's line."
  • "I didn't make you hammer-proof!"
  • "Cool! It matches my glasses!"
  • "Mmm... tastes like cotton candy."
  • "I've got them in my sights! ... Ah yes, I've got them in my sights!"
  • "Meh."
  • "Laney, can't you see? It's the plant, man, THE PLANT!"
  • "Butt Rainbows!"
  • "Thanks for coming out, everyone!"
  • "Sold!"
  • "Hazy Rock Lore."
  • "Aw, come on! We're trying to tell a story here!"
  • "Aye aye, Captain."
  • "The Newmans!"
  • "I can't go back to detention! I won't go back! Noooo!"
  • "I've created a monster!"
  • "They lead to fun!
  • "Kon was right, it was a fork."

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