Kin and Laney happy

This article focuses on the interactions between Kin Kujira and Laney Penn.


Kin and Laney are good friends with each other and they get along with each other well because they're bandmates. They are usually only seen directly interacting when Kin tests out his inventions in front of Laney so that she can give out her opinions on it.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

No Strings AttachedEdit

Kin and Laney have no idea what The Bubble Bunch Band is

When Corey came into the room screaming and flailing his arms, he scared Kin and Laney, making Kin jump into Laney's arms. She kept holding him for a while and did not seem obligated to put him down. Kin came down when he chose to do so himself. Later in the episode when they were singing, Kin and Laney played music together and looked at each other with very happy looking faces.

Indie Road RagerEdit


Laney was giving Kin money to build inventions in this episode. After Kin did a failed stunt with a faulty invention, Laney pulled his funding and Kin went indie. At the end of the episode, they worked out their differences. Kin got back into the business with Laney and she gave him $2.00 for a bass board.

Space Jammin'Edit

Space Jammin.15
Kin was building a machine that he called the Memory Eraser 500 which he would use to erase Corey's memory of The Newmans playing music at Sludgefest. Laney told him that he wasn't going to need it because Corey was probably going to be perfectly okay with it after some time.
After seeing Corey ride into the garage on a corn plow. Laney told Kin to use the Memory Eraser on him twice. During the song, Kin and Laney both sang into the same microphone together multiple times.

All You Need is CakeEdit

Kin and Kon interrupted Corey and Laney's date multiple times. The first time, Kin thought Laney's eye was swollen and he blasted her eye with a bottle of water which gave her a bloodshot eye, making her feel so angry, she screamed in rage at Kin. After interrupting their date at the beach, Laney finally got so fed up with their interruptions, that she buried Kin and Kon the sand where they were attacked by sand crabs. When Corey and Laney came back from their date, Kin and Kon were angry at them and they left the band. Corey and Laney felt guilty about this and they sang a song which was so beautiful, it made them cry and rejoice with the band again.


Kin and Laney struggle to remove the helemt
Kin invented an auto-tuned helmet which eventually became evil as it took control over Corey's mind and started perfecting everything after Trina pushed an evil button on it. Laney was mad at Kin for making this invention as she angrily asked him why he even did something as ridiculous as putting an evil button on the helmet. Kin responded just by frowning at her and rolling his eyes. After this, they both struggled to remove the helmet from Corey's head. After seeing a news report of the helmet destroying everything in Peaceville, Laney glared at Kin which made him admit that it was a bad idea to install an evil button on the helmet and promise not to do that again. Laney then told him not to install any escape rockets on there either.

One Plant BandEdit

Dizzy Laney
Laney slept on top of Kin after they were done rehearsing for their gig at the Salad Barn. Kin saw that Corey was being hypnotized by Planty which was causing him to be mean to Laney. Laney was seen to be crying because of this so Kin grabbed Laney by the shoulders and violently shook her around as he screamed at her to get through her head that Corey was being hypnotized. He slapped her across the face and called her "Man" multiple times which made her very dizzy and sickly. After this, Laney realized her misunderstanding and punched Kin in the face either accidentally or as intentional revenge.

Zoohouse RockEdit

Lanes ol' look ol' Kin
When Corey enters the garage dressed as a bear, Kin (believing he's a real bear) tries to play dead. When Corey reveals that it's him, Laney amusingly teases Kin by saying a real bear couldn't play the guitar. Kin gets up and brushes himself off, and says that he already knew that the whole time, trying to keep his cool in front of her.
Stolen Lines
As part of the episode gag of Kin stealing everyone's lines, he steals Laney's line of asking Corey for lyrics, even covering her mouth when she tries to speak. Laney is noticeably annoyed by this. During the song, there were multiple occasions where Kin and Laney both sang into the same microphone together.

Dreamreaver Part 1Edit

What the frick
Laney was helping Kin and Kon play ping pong. She also got extremely annoyed because they were taking too long to play. Kin lost the ping pong ball match with Corey, Laney told him that it was his turn. Later, Kin was dancing with his pants pulled down, shaking his butt while he and Kon sang Booty Booty Pow. Laney stared at Kin while he did this with a horrified and disgusted face of shock and terror.

Love in a NethervatorEdit

So they're all chewing gum

Kin, Kon, and Laney were all chewing Gum flavored gum that Kin had introduced to everyone. Laney was bored with what she was doing and said that she wished that Kin would have showed her something more exciting than gum flavored gum. Kin took the chewed up gum out of Laney's mouth and put it into his own mouth to chew it. Laney was highly disgusted by this but Kin chewed his gum and screamed out in pleasure that it was "So good!"

Rock the HouseEdit

Kin and Laney in Rock the House

At the beginning of this episode, Kin was seen teaching Laney about a new invention he made called the One Man Band Pack which was for Corey to use if he, Laney, and Kon died in a chili cook off gone wrong. Laney negatively judged him planning for their deaths and when Kin tested the machine out on Kon, it went haywire and exploded on him. Later on in the episode, it was actually seen being useful as it helped them win the Curling Competition.

War and PeacevilleEdit

As Grojband are looking through photos of their ancestors, Kin is wondering where the moustaches are, until he sees Janie Penn finally finding the moustaches, to which Laney then explains that was her great grandmother.

Girl FestEdit

At the start of the episode, Kin and Kon burst out of a guitar case shouting "surprise monster" to try and scare Laney. However she flatly informs them she isn't scared, disappointing them both.

The Pirate Lounge for MeEdit


Kin made a new invention which was a robotic Rocking Chair. He was testing it out on Kon in front of Laney to see what she thought of it. The rocking chair had a big in it which caused it to recklessly rock out of control to the point where it blew up. Kin looked embarrassed at Laney and put his hand behind his head where he scratched the back of his head telling her that it still had a few bugs to work out.

Dueling ButtonsEdit

Kon can't listen, moving pieces

The episode begins with Kin and Kon about to play a game of checkers, and Laney commences the game by putting a piece down. However Kin and Kon both take out game controllers and start mashing button to try move the pieces. Laney becomes annoyed at this and tells them, board games don't use controllers, however they're too preoccupied with playing to hear them. Later on, while Laney, Kin, and Kon try to figure out how to get Corey out of his game withdrawal, Kon gets the idea to use Corey's "gamer claw" to scare babies. Laney suggests they try to put a real guitar in his hand, however Kin still likes Kon's idea and suggests driving him to a preschool. Laney gives him a hard stare, and he agrees to her idea.


  • During production Kin was originally intended to be crushing on Laney, where traces of this are still retained.[1]