Kon Dog

Kon Dog is a dog version of Kon Kujira that appeared in "Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow". He was the result of Kon spilling hair tonic on his head, getting zapped by a magic wand and hitting his head, leading Kon to wake from amnesiac unconsciousness and believing himself to be a dog.


Kon Dog has the same body shape as Kon, except he is covered in thick purple fur. His appearance resembles that of a real dog very well, as no one is able to tell he isn't actually a dog, even his twin brother Kin.


Despite actually being a human, Kon Dog behaves exactly like a typical dog, in fact he is shown to perform better than the other real dogs at the show. He pants and runs on all fours like a real dog, is very playful as he was eager to play fetch and will lick others as an act of friendship.


  • The gag of Kon's lack of intelligence fitting the drummer stereotype is taken to the extreme, as now he is not only stupid, but an animal as well.
  • Oddly Kon Dog has a little tail as well.

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