Kon Konnie

Kon Konnie is a fusion between Kon Kujira and Konnie Kagami. They were fused together in the episode "Kon-Fusion."


Kon Konnie is Kon and Konnie fused together. The side of Kon's head is growing off of the side of Konnie's head. The sides of their shirts are one with each other. They share the same arms and legs. Kon's pant leg is coming out of the bottom of Konnie's skirt. One of their legs have Kon's pant leg and show on it and the other has Konnie's boot on it.


Kon and Konnie are great friends with each other. They both share almost all of the same interests with each other. They were such good friends, that they made Kin Kim jealous of them. Although they had such a good friendship, they became enemies again and got their bodies defused at the end of the episode.


  • Kon: How are we supposed to use the washroom?
  • Kon/Konnie: Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
  • Kon: Make it a chocolate chocolate swirl.
  • Kon/Konnie: Hahahahahahaha!
  • Kon: Being stuck to someone is fun!

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