This is a list of the best quotes by Kon Kujira.
Camp Screamley sounds familiar to Kon in his flashback

Quotes Edit

  • "There's always room for fun!"
  • "It's Rock Lore time!"
  • "With pleasure. So, Trina, did Corey ever tell you that I am a volunteer fireman … in a video game I am playing currently?"
  • "Dreams are weird!"
  • "Oooh! I hope it's our future selves!"
  • "1 2 3 4!"
  • "Then stop wearing such scary costumes!"
  • "Kon Go Bongo!"
  • "Dogs don't have fingers, I must be a drummer!"
  • "What a jerk ... and when do we eat it?"
  • "You're wasting fruit!"
  • "Ice Cream! ICE CREAM!"
  • "Gasp! The Newmans!"
  • "Didn't I call this at like, Scene two?"
  • "Camp Screamly, eh?...That sounds familiar, in a foreshadowy kind of way."
  • "Uh, I don't play bass."
  • "I spy with my little eye, something that is Kin!"
  • "Corey, tell Laney to scream like a girl! It's cool!
  • "It's all about the accsesories!"
  • "To Grojband!"
  • "Way ahead of you!"
  • "Butt Rainbows!"
  • "It would appear so."
  • "Thanks for coming out, everyone!"
  • "Join us as we explore...Rock Lore!
  • "Keep it down, you foreigner!"
  • "Man, her heart must be full of something awful."
  • "Yep, didn't learn a thing."
  • "Kicked out of school? Awesome!"
  • "I hope it's the winners from Champion High, they always lose!"
  • "The Newmans!"
  • "Bubbles get in my belly!"
  • "Oh no."
  • "You should always follow strange trails!"
  • "Put it back! Put it back!"
  • "Oh yeah? Well you-"
  • "Oooh! Look, a TV!"
  • "Meh."

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