Kon and Trina

This page is about the interactions between Trina Riffin and Kon Kujira.


Trina hates Kon because he is fat, stupid, farts a lot, annoying and overall, a member of Grojband. She doesn't even treat him like a human, instead, she treats him like an object. However, several instances have indicated that Kon has a crush on Trina, and has made attempts to win her over without success.[1] Kon's rivalry with Trina seems to outdo his love for her and it makes him perfectly okay with making Trina's life miserable to get lyrics for their songs just like Corey wants him to. Their relationship is sort of a rivalry love. As of the episode The Snuffles with Snarffles, until the episode Saxsquatch,  Kon's love for Trina seemed to have ended and turned into the same hatred that everyone else had. Since then, all of his direct, one on one interactions with her have been him screaming in rage at her or making a rude statement about her.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

Smash Up TerbyEdit

Smash Rivalry Love

Trina pointed to Kon and told him that there was no farting allowed in her car. Kon smiled and pulled her finger and caused her to fart, which Trina thought was disgusting. When riding in the car, Corey told Kon to distract Trina while he stole her diary. When he did, he slicked his hair back and gazes at her lovingly, then tries to flirt with her by telling her that he's a fireman in a game. However Trina feigned in disgust and said "Ew! It's talking at me!"

Math of KonEdit

Kon fighting Trina in Kon's mind

Kon and Trina (disguised as Trigonometrina) faced off against each other in the Trimathalon. At the end of the game, Trigonometrina and Kon were the two finalists. Trigonometrina angrily glared at Kon before they started to work which made him very nervous. Kon started to drum but because of his fear, Kon broke his drumsticks, giving Trigonometrina an advantage in the game. While trying to win the game, Kon and Trigonometrina entered a mental realm inside of a brain where they both got into a karate fight. Kon and Tringonometrina used division houses as swords to fight with each other. Kon's strength sent Trigonometrina flying as he pushed her away. He then attempted to fire a laser at her, but Trina jumped up into the air and kicked him in the face, causing him to skid across the ground. Trina launched an energy blast at him which took the form of a greater than less than sign. Kon stopped the greater than less than sign in mid flight with his mind, and turned it into a less than greater than sign, which went flying back to Trigonometrina, hitting her, and making her lose her existence with the mental realm. Kon and Trigonometrina both raced to finish the problem and Kon was the winner which made Trigonometrina angry. She blamed Kon's drumming and the noise for her failure. This also caused her to help, reveal herself to really be Trina in front of everyone there. Trina went into Diary Mode and screamed Kon's name, acknowledging that she knows who he is and what his name is.

Super ZeroesEdit

Trina's life is saved

Kon (as Beep Bot) went up against Trina (as Stiletto) in a fight. Stiletto attempted to kill herself to by jumping off of a building to prove that The Justice Band was not a band of superheroes. Beep Bot saved her life by pushing a trampoline into the way, which she bounced off of, sending her flying into a trash can where she got so angry, she went into diary mode.

Hair Today, Kon TomorrowEdit

KonTrina Crazy!!!

While Kon was in the form of Kon Dog which made him look like a dog that Trina really loved. Trina grabbed Kon Dog's face and lovingly told him that he was going to be her best friendly Wendy. Kon Dog really seemed to enjoy this. Trina was giving Kon Dog a belly rub. Trina was overjoyed when she saw Kon Dog win and she jumped up on Kon Dog and rolled around with him and let Kon Dog lick her face. She was however, angered and horrified when she found out that Kon Dog was really Kon and she went into diary mode because of it. Kon looked sad when Trina blasted away from him. Kon licked Trina in the inside of the mouth after he revealed his true identity to her. This meant that Trina and Kon's first kisses were technically spent with each other. This triggered Trina to go into diary mode.

Inn Err FaceEdit

Stomach vile selfie

Wanting to wreck Grojband's gig again, she picks up Kin's Shrink Ray (thinking it's a flame thrower), and blasts their instruments, while Kon is sleeping in the drumset. The shrunken Kon is then flung into the air and into Trina's mouth where she swallows him. Kon awakens inside Trina's stomach and tickles her with a bone while she was talking to Nick Mallory about science. He also has a lot of fun exploring inside her.

The Snuffles with SnarfflesEdit

Trina laser drilled a hole in the top of the car and dissed Grojband. Kon got angry at her and screamed at her, shaking his fist, saying "Oh yeah? Well you'll never-" until he was cut off by Corey pulling him back down in again.

For Hat and CountryEdit

When Trina stands at top of the wall of Grojland and mocks them, Kon angrily yells at her and says "Keep it down you foreigner!" He then says to Corey "I can't believe you have to share a country with her again."

It's in the CardEdit

Laney saved Trina's Goldfish from dying

Trina was screaming in rage and throwing things down at Grojband. Once of those things she threw was a TV which landed on Kon's head, making his say "Ow!" and also making the shattered screen stay upon Kon's head like a hat. In response to this, Kon said "Man, her heart must be full of something awful." However, he didn't bother to take off the TV right away.

Soulin' Down the RoadEdit

While Trina's soul is trapped in her car, Kon jumps onto her bonnet, but she lifts it up and flings him into the air.


Kontrina in Saxsquatch

Trina was watching a romantic movie with Gary and Grojband was spying on her from behind the wall. Trina started to tear up and get emotional at one part of the movie and Kon started to get emotional and start crying after seeing the same moment in the movie. This means that the two of them share the same feelings and opinions on love.


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