Laney Lenny

Laney Lenny is a fusion between Laney Penn and Lenny Nepp. They were fused together in the episode "Kon-Fusion."


Laney Lenny are Laney and Lenny fused together. Their heads are growing off of the backs of each other. They share the same body, arms, and legs.


Laney and Lenny had a really good friendship with each other when they got fused together. Their friendship was so deep and trusting, that they even discussed their secret crushes on Corey and Carrie. They became enemies again at the end of the episode and got their bodies defused at the end of the episode however.


  • Laney: So Lenny, do you ever always tell Carrie her plans won't work but she never listens and you nearly end up getting killed or burn down the entire town and she never says you were right?
  • Lenny: Yeah. What is up with that?
  • Lenny: I can't stay mad at Carrie. I want to but I'm just crushing too hard.
  • Laney: I know. Does Carrie know you like her?
  • Lenny: Are you kidding?