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Livewire is the superhero alter ego of Laney Penn in Super Zeroes. She is a member of The Justice Band. Laney describes Livewire to be a "sassy ninja that you don't wanna tangle with". She wields a bass guitar, where the electric wires serve as a grappling hook.


As Livewire, Laney dons a green ninja mask, a green ninja suit (with a green sash), green wrist guards, green thigh-high boots, and a red scarf. She wields a green guitar which contains a retractable cord. She can use it to grab things, or she can throw her guitar so that it acts as an anchor with the cord acting as a zip-line.


Livewire is exactly what her name would imply. She is sassy and will undoubtedly win in any fight you pick with her. However, she seems to not be too dedicated to her superhero career. Most of the time, she thinks that the whole thing is a ridiculous idea all together and sometimes she's not even paying attention to what's going on. In the heat of a dangerous situation however, she will spring into action and use her bass guitar to save anyone in danger. She was seen doing so when she unenthusiastically but successfully saved Dr. Purr from the tree and when she saved Mina from Peaceville Hall and expressed emotion when doing so.


  • Livewire shares her name with two DC comics characters, one is a superhero while the other is a supervillain, both of whom have the power to manipulate electricity.