Kontrina in Saxsquatch
The Living Room is a room in The Riffin House. It was first briefly featured in a cutaway gag in the episode "Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow", but it's first actual appearance was in the episode "Saxsquatch".


The Living Room is a room with ocean colored walls and floor that is made of orange plank wood. There is an orange sofa in the room with a rust-colored coffee table in front of it and another dark brown table in front of that with a black flat-screen TV on top. Next to the couch is another table with a lamp on it that seemed to have changed it's appearance overtime. First it was a dim colored table lamp with a light blue body and a light green shade. In newer appearances, the lamp was a bong lamp with the same colors, only brighter and with a wider, shorter, and hexagon-shaped shade. Another new feature of the newer living room is that there's a picture above the couch. It's a wide brown frame with a photo or painting of the lake by the forest, and mountains in the background. The entire picture seems to consist, mostly of shades of teal and cerulean. Next to the sofa, on the opposing side of the table and lamp, is a light switch, consisting of two switches, followed by white threshold next to that. Also, off on the side of the living room, is a round table with a blue vase on it that holds a small green fern.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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