Mermaid Blue Nail Polish is a kind of beauty product that is constantly used by Trina and Mina. It first appeared in Kon-Fusion and again in Hear Us Rock Part 1


In the episode Kon-Fusion, while Trina was attempting to fuse her hand with Nick's, Mina was rummaging through her purse to find her camera, her nail polish fell out and fused onto Trina's nails just as she was going to fump Nick. When she noticed her nails, she immediately freaked out because it not only ruined her chance of being fused with Nick, but also because the colour was out of style. The nail polish appeared again in the episode Hear Us Rock Part 1 when Nick announces on Bleater that blue is the trending colour. Upon hearing this, all the girls in Peaceville rush to the mall to get it before the world ends, but Trina manages to get the store's entire supply because she can't deal with any competition over who looks the prettiest.


The nail polish is seen in blue bottles of various shapes, each with a dark blue top. The actual nail polish is the colour of the ocean.

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