The Mermaids are two mermaids that appeared in the episode "On the Air and Out to Sea." One of them had blue hair and a blue tail and the other one had orange hair and a pink tail. They both fell in love with Nick Mallory and fed him grapes on a Rock after they saw him fall off the Pirate Ship. In the episode "A-Capella-Lips Now", a blonde haired mermaid was seen in the water as Corey began his song. None of them have had any dialogue in the show.


Blue Haired MermaidEdit

The blue haired mermaid is a hot mermaid with blue hair. She has an aqua tail and blue eyes. She wears seashell earrings and a blue bikini. She also wears pink blush and a green band around her neck.

Orange Haired MermaidEdit

The orange haired mermaid is a hot mermaid with orange hair. She has a bright pink tail and green eyes. She wears starfish earrings and a green bikini. She has freckles and pink lipstick.

Yellow Haired MermaidEdit

The yellow haired mermaid is a hot mermaid with blonde hair. She has a green tail and green eyes. She wears starfish earrings and a green bikini as well as a matching colored bandanna around her neck. She also wears thick, dark, black mascara.


The mermaids seem to be very loving and obsessed with boys as they were seen pampering and feeding Nick Mallory in On the Air and Out to Sea, and how one was seen happily coming to Corey's concert in A-Capella-Lips Now.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • The red haired mermaid is of resemblance to Ariel from The Little Mermaid and it's possible that she's a parody on her.
  • The Blue Haired mermaid can be seen in the game Water You Doing as one of the partygoers and in the form of a human, with legs instead of a tail.

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