Better picture of The Metrognome
Vital statistics
Full Name Metrognome
Aliases Tiny Santa, Gnomey
Age 1000 and a half
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Race Rocklympian
Eye Color Black
Friends None
Enemies All of the world's bands
Love Interest None
Relatives None
Faction Villain
Location A Magical Mushroom
First Appearance Curse of the Metrognome
Latest Appearance Curse of the Metrognome
Voice Actor Dwayne Hill

The Metrognome is a character that appeared in the episode Curse of the Metrognome. He is a magic gnome that curses people into doing things off timing. He only wakes up once every year on New Year's Eve to curse everybody and make them lose their timing. He is voiced by Dwayne Hill[1].


The Metrognome has been around ever since the times of Rock Lore. He has always been cursing people with his magic every New Year's Eve to mess up their timing. By cursing people like this, the Metrognome can make his beard grow bigger. The Metrognome sleeps every year and only wakes up on New Year's Eve so that he can curse people with his magic. He made his first and so far only appearance in the episode Curse of the Metrognome. In this episode, he was woken on. New Year's Eve to curse Grojband and make them lose their timing so that they would fail at their plans to play music at the turn of the new year at the New Year's cube drop. After this, he went on a rampage, cursing everybody in Peaceville. In the end of the episode, he went to the New Year's cube drop and cursed the cube to make it drop off timing. This made his beard grow so big, that it exploded, killing him and making his beard hairs rain on the New Year's celebration. Everybody ate his beard hairs which made them regain their timing again.


The Metrognome is a magic green gnome with a pointed dark green hat. He has a white, fuzzy beard and a big nose. He wears a green robe.


  • His name is a pun on the word "Metronome" which is something that helps people time their music. Ironically, the Metrognome does the opposite by stealing timing from bands.
  • He could be slightly based off Magic Man from Adventure Time, because they both have green skin, use their magic for evil and wear a pointy hat.



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