Mick Mallory
Mick Mallory
Vital statistics
Full Name Mickey Mallory
Aliases Mick
Age 6
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Race Caucasian
Eye Color Blue
Friends Nick Mallory
Enemies None
Relatives Nick Mallory (older brother), Brick Mallory (great, great grandfather)
Faction Minor
Location Peaceville
First Appearance Super Zeroes
Latest Appearance Super Zeroes
Voice Actor Gage Munroe

Mick Mallory Born 2007-2006 is Nick Mallory's little brother. He appeared in the episode Super Zeroes where Grojband had to play music for his birthday party. He is voiced by Gage Munroe.


Mick looks just like his older brother only smaller and with a slightly higher voice. He also acts just like him by talking in third person. Mick has a green jacket and a red under shirt, which is the opposite colour scheme to his older brother. He also has Nick's hair style and has blue jeans.


Mick seems to inherit many of the same personality traits as his brother.

  1. "Mick Mallory thinks big clown shoes are fun, but wants to kick this party up a notch."
  2. "Mick Mallory just found his headliner. Those shoes were made for walking."
  3. "Mick Mallory totally introduces the Justice Band."
  4. "Kitty needs a hero, good thing we've got four."
  5. "That's okay, Mick Mallory's feeling nostalgic for clowns anyway."
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