Mirage Corey
Mirage Corey Is EPIC!!!
Vital statistics
Full Name Mirage Corey Jaron Riffin
Aliases Corey
Age 13
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Race Dreamworld Inhabitant
Eye Color Red
Friends Mirage Kin, Mirage Kon, Mirage Laney, and Esmeralda
Enemies Grojband and Katrina
Love Interest Mirage Laney (possibly)
Relatives Unknown
Faction Mirage Band
Location Trina's Dream World
First Appearance Dreamreaver Part 2
Latest Appearance Dreamreaver Part 2
Voice Actor Lyon Smith

Mirage Corey is the leader of Mirage Band, as well as its lead singer and guitarist. He is the evil doppelganger version of Corey Riffin. He rides on a flying motorcycle. He made his debut and only appearance in the episode Dreamreaver Part 2. He is voiced by Lyon Smith.


Mirage Corey looks exactly like his doppelganger Corey Riffin only his entire body entirely a dark shade of gray except for his eyes which are glowing red in the pupils. He is a young teenage boy with a beanie hat with a the Mirage Band skull on it. He has dark gray hair and he wears a black and white shirt and gray shorts. He mostly wears a dark black motorcycle helmet which also has the Mirage Band skull on it. He always rides around on a dark gray, flying super powered motorcycle. His motorcycle also has the Mirage Band skull on it.


Mirage Corey is a psychopathic evil motorcyclist and leader of an evil band. He spends his time riding around with his gang, destroying everything and terrorizing Trina's dream world for no reason at all. He likes to refer to himself and the band as the best band in Trina's dream world and he doesn't take too kindly to other bands appearing in the world. If anyone else tries to enter his world, he and the rest of his band use their super powered musical weapons to kill them. Overall, Mirage Corey is a rebellious, evil punk rocker with no limits to his evil.


  • "Maybe they're our opening act."
  • "Count us in Kon."
  • "Oh they'll find Trina for us. Follow the rainbow guys."
  • "Mwahahahahahahaha!"
  • "But you'll miss the encore."
  • "Count us in Kon!"


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