The Movie Theater is a building in Peaceville. It has been briefly seen on a few occasions where people have been going to the movies there.


The movie theater first appeared in Kon's imagination sequence in the episode Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls. When he was told about the Drive In Movie Theater, he imagined what it would be like and so he imagined Kin at the movie theater where he drove a car into the screen, crashing through the wall.

In Math of Kon, the movie theater was briefly seen during a montage of things that Trigonometrina and Mina did together. One of them was where the theater was featuring a movie about numbers. Two kids walked out of the movie, confused, and not undertstanding what the meaning of it was. Triginometrina and Mina followed behind them, laughing because they were smart and nerdy enough to find the pun hidden in the movie.

In Monster of Rock, Trina took Nick to the movie with her to watch the horror movie "Steak Neck" so that she could act scared and having him comfort her. However, Nick left to go to the bathroom where he was kidnapped by El Chewpoocaca. Trina and Mina went into the boys bathroom and Trina threw Mina down the toilet to go after him. This is the first time we were shown another room in the theater.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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